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General information

Country of origin: Germany

Contributor since: 2015-12-26

Works with editions by this editor: 621 (see list)

Translations by this editor:

Contact information

e-mail: gerhard.weydt At sign.png


Chorister (non-professional)


I especially love singing Ancient Music, and therefore do provide editions of that kind of music. Considering also the texts is in my opinion very important for much of this music, so I almost always provide a translation into German, in most cases also to English, and less often to French. The translations try to be as near to the Italian text as is possible for the language they use, for they shall be a means of understanding the original text.
The vocal ranges of this sort of music are not always fitted for modern ensembles, so transpositions, in addition to those sometimes provided, might be wanted. I'll be glad to supply them. Write to me directly using the mail address given, mails generated by using my talk page will not reach me because of some deficiency with my mail provider which I couldn't nail down.