Donna, l'ardente fiamma

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General information

This text was first used by Giovan Nasco and then by several composers. Caimo interweaves the two parts in a madrigal for eight voices, Alfonso Ferrabosco I has a slightly different text. Instead of "il nostr'ardore" in the second to last line it would perhaps be more logical to use "il vostr'ardore", as Ferrabosco has it, but as both Nasco and Gastoldi use the first version, it has been kept.

Settings by composers


Italian.png Italian text

Donna, l'ardente fiamma
E la pena e'l tormento
Cresce in me tanto che morir mi sento.
Deh vengavi desire
Di terminar un giorno il mio martire
E di smorzar questo vivace ardore,
Dandomi il frutto che ricerca Amore.

Signor, la vostra fiamma
E la pena e'l tormento
Non è punto maggior di quel ch'io sento,
Né più grand'è'l desire
Di terminar il vostro e mio martire.
Ma se gli avien ch'io smorz'il nostro ardore,
Io mi privo d'amante e voi d'amore.

German.png German text

Meine Dame, die brennende Flamme
und der Schmerz und die Qual
wachsen in mir derart, dass ich glaube zu sterben.
Ach, überkäme euch doch der Wunsch,
eines Tages mein Martyrium zu beenden
und zu stillen das lebhafte Feuer,
indem ihr mir die Frucht gebt, nach der die Liebe sucht.

Mein Herr, eure Flamme
und der Schmerz und die Qual
sind gar nicht stärker als das, was ich fühle,
noch ist größer das Begehren,
euer und mein Martyrium zu beenden,
aber wenn es geschähe, dass ich unser Feuer stillte,
dann würde ich mich meines Liebhabers berauben und euch der Liebe.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt

English.png English text

Lady, the burning flame
and the pain and the torment
grow in me to such an extent that I feel I die.
Alas, would you be overcome by the desire
one day to end my martyrdom
and to still this living fire,
giving me the fruit that love searches.

Sir, your flame
and the pain and the torment
are no way stronger than what I feel,
nor is greater the desire
to end your and my martyrdom,
but if I should happen to still your fire,
I would deprive me of my lover and you of love.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt

French.png French translation

Ma dame, la flamme brûlante
et la peine et le tourment
croissent en moi tant que je me sens mourir.
Hélas, que le désir vienne
de terminer un jour mon martyre
et de calmer ce feu vivant,
me donnant le fruit que recherche l’amour.

Monsieur, votre flamme
et la peine et le tourment
ne sont point plus grands que ceux que je sente,
n’est plus grand le désir de terminer le votre e mon martyre.
Mais s’il vous arrivait que je calmais votre ardeur,
je me privais d’amant, et vous d’amour.

Translation by Gerhard Weydt