Jacobus Clemens non Papa

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Aliases: Jacques Clément; Jacob Clemens, Clemanes


Born: c. 1510-15

Died: 1555 or 1556?


Belgian composer, first noted as "Jacobus Clement Pbro" (a priest) at St. Donatien in Bruges in 1544 and subsequently associated with the court of Charles V and active in Ypres and Leiden. The epithet "non papa" ('not a pope') was added by the publisher Tielman Susato, perhaps more in jest than to avoid actual confusion with Pope Clement VII (1478-1534). Jacobus Vaet published a lament in 1558 alluding to a violent death; a ms. of Hic est vere martyr bears the inscription "Ultimum opus Clementis non Papæ anno 1555 21 aprilis".

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List of choral works


Motets (in 9 principal collections)

Souterliedekens or metrical psalter for 3 voices (Antwerp, 1556–7)

No. incipit Psalm (vulgata)
2 Als ick riep met verlanghen 004Psalm 4
3 Verhoort heer myn gheclach 005Psalm 5
7 O Heer wilt my beschouwen 012Psalm xi
24 Verordeelt o heer ick bid u straffen wilt 035Psalm xxxiiii
44 Heere, lieve Heere, verhoort die stemme mijn 061Psalm lx
104 Si bestreden my dicmael 129Psalm cxxviii
106 Ghedenct o Heer David dyn knecht 132Psalm cxxxi
113 Ick heb gheroepen tot u o Heer 141Psalm cxxxx
117 Loven so wilt mijn siel den Heer 146Psalm cxxxxv
118 Loven soe wilt den Heere 148Psalm cxlvii


Dutch songs

Works not on CPDL

  • Missa Gaude lux Donatiane
  • Super ripam Jordanis
  • Maria Magdalene et altera Maria
  • Dum complerentur

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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  • Missa cum quatuor vocibus tomus I (Leuven, 1556)
  • Missa cum quatuor vocibus tomus II (Leuven, 1557)
  • Missa cum quatuor vocibus tomus III (Leuven, 1557)
  • Missa cum quinque vocibus tomus IIII (Leuven, 1557)
  • Missa cum quinque vocibus tomus V (Leuven, 1557)
  • Missa cum quinque vocibus tomus VI (Leuven, 1557)
  • Missa cum quinque vocibus tomus VII (Leuven, 1558)
  • Missa cum quinque vocibus tomus VIII (Leuven, 1559)
  • Missa cum sex vocibus tomus IX (Leuven, 1559)


  • Souterliedekens I (Antwerp, 1556)
  • Souterliedekens II (Antwerp, 1556)
  • Souterliedekens III (Antwerp, 1556)
  • Souterliedekens IIII (Antwerp, 1557)
  • Secundus liber modulorum (c.1558-1560)
  • Liber primus cantionum sacrarum (Leuven, 1559)
  • Liber secundus cantionum sacrarum (Leuven, 1559)
  • Liber tertius cantionum sacrarum (Leuven, 1559)
  • Liber quartus cantionum sacrarum (Leuven, 1559)
  • Liber quintus cantionum sacrarum (Leuven, 1559)
  • Liber sextus cantionum sacrarum (Leuven, 1559)

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