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Born: 1953 in Suffolk, England


Translator by profession, currently resident in Luxembourg; amateur singer, choral director, music editor and arranger, and occasional composer.

One of my hobbyhorses is the lack of good books on the analysis of melody, as opposed to harmony and counterpoint (admittedly melody is harder to systematise). However, one does exist in German, 'Melodie' by Diether de la Motte, first published in 1993, and I have tried without success to interest publishers in an English translation of it. The author and publisher have authorised me to publish a limited part of the book in English on the Internet, but the technical problems involved in producing musical examples that contained non-standard graphic elements have defeated me and I have had to abandon the project.

In Luxembourg, I direct The Art of Music, a small group set up in 1993 with a remit to perform 'unjustly neglected music from the 16th century and earlier'. 'Neglected' is a term which in Luxembourg applies to virtually 100% of the repertoire from that period, while 'unjustly neglected' applies to a surprising proportion of it. One lifetime is never going to be enough to explore it all.

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