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A few days ago, a request appeared on Choralist. It is copied below.


I was hoping to get some suggestions for anthems during the Lenten season
and maybe even a big piece for Easter. Specifically, I would like to know
if suggestions could be from the Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL). 
I am trying to save my church a bit of money and while I like the resource, 
there is a lot there for me to sift through. ....

Can people suggest Lenten works that can be downloaded from this website? Here is a short list of the top of my head:

Lenten works

English.png English

Latin.png Latin

German.png German

Easter works:

English.png English

Latin.png Latin

There are tons of other works. With Lent less than one week away, can folks expand this list?

Best regards,

Rafael Ornes
Manager, CPDL

I added half a dozen Lenten works in Latin as well as a couple of Easter works in English, including one of my own (with optional brass, used last year as the processional hymn on Easter morn). ChuckGiffen 07:48, 24 February 2006 (PST)