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The pages listed here have been categorised as requiring cleanup by someone using template Cleanup. These pages contain errors which need fixing: invalid characters, faulty code, or whatever. They are ordered by the date they were last changed (most recent first), which is not necessarily the same date they were included in this list.

Pages with broken links, pages awaiting deletion, pages which have been recommended for merger and recommended for splitting are listed in separate categories.

Page title Description of cleanup required
Vidi speciosam pieces listed and linked haven't all been compared to given version of text
Te lucis ante terminum (Thomas Tallis) The separate pages for Tallis's two 'Te lucis' settings need unscrambling. Since one edition appears on both pages and other editions include both settings, it would be better to combine all editions onto one page. The common description of the settings as 'festal' and 'ferial' is in any case misleading and the various editions would be better placed under the sub-headings 'Both Settings', '1st Setting' (for the so-called 'festal' tune) and '2nd Setting'.
Choralis Constantinus (Heinrich Isaac) some errors vol 3 contents, copied from WP
Verbum caro factum est some works listed are for a different (communion) text: "Verbum caro panem verum"
Michael Praetorius Some works labeled "prima pars" have been merged, some have links to second half, but some do not. See discussion at Talk:Hor che'l ciel e la terra (Claudio Monteverdi)Richard Mix (talk) 07:01, 25 June 2014 (UTC)
Jubilate Deo (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) Needs Köchel number: is this spurious, an arrangement, or…?
Deutsche Messe, D872 (Franz Schubert) There's no mention of transpositions in any edition notes; even SATB versions are often lowered to a congregational singing key…
Venia in morte Josquini, cantores suavissimi (Benedictus Ducis) Before fixing the uppercase N, it's worth considering whether this is different enough from Musae Iovis (Benedictus Appenzeller) to merit a separate page. Richard Mix (talk) 04:06, 18 August 2021 (UTC)
In notte placida (François Couperin) surely an arrangement?
Scio enim quod Redemptor (Orlando di Lasso) Publication history may need straightening
The Great Flood (1967) (Caroline S. Arnold) Item requires 4 separate files due to 10 meg limit. I finagled something that might work. Also correct Voicing? rademattia
Send out Thy light (Charles Gounod) much abridged text
Salve Regina (Gioachino Rossini) What is the actual title? "Motetto" (Carus Verlag), motet op.140 n°2 (fr:wp), "Salve O Vergine Maria" (incipit, not a 'variant text' but an Italian paraphrase)? The closest match I can find in NG is "Salve amabilis Maria (‘Hymne à la musique’)" (Péchés XI; Rossini Gesellschaft calls this "Mottetto dedicato a Maria Santissima Annunziata") Richard Mix (talk) 23:42, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
Tantum ergo (César Franck) Pandolfo-Link does _not_ contain a G major version but the original bass version
Decantabat populus Though "variant" is used in its correct sense (rather than as something added), it's not easily possible to figure out what the actual text of any work is: Tolius' minor variants aren't given on work page
If the Lord himself had not been on our side (William Child) I would like Barry Johnston to clean this up to match what we are doing elsewhere. Thank you
Passio secundum Mathaeum (Tomás Luis de Victoria) The beginning at Matt. 26:14 (instead of the beginning of the chapter, as in LU) corresponds to the Revised Common Lectionary. The rest of the English [text] is however incomplete from here the end!
Ode on the Dissolution of Time (M. Belknap) It would be highly desirable to identify the composer's first name.
O voso galo, comadre (Traditional) Possible copyright infringement
O Salutaris (Edward Elgar) disambiguation or at least a source highly desirable!
Jeremiah Clarke Easily confused with Clarke [Clark], Jeremiah (ii)

(b Worcester, c1743; d Bromsgrove, 11 May 1809) and even with John Clark; and the determinedly obtuse may find confusion with Sir John Clerk (of Penicuik, or even Jeremy Clarkson. Who knmows where a lack of consideration of style may lead you?)

Chorale prelude, By your kingly power (Richard Perrignon) This is indeed different to Chorale prelude, 'By your Priestly Power' (Richard Perrignon) but seems based on the same tune. Instrumental voluntaries seem not to have been foreseen for CPDL, though they certainly have a place in the choir.
Maksim Sozontovich Berezovsky Above link needs to be submitted correctly
Groh apparently neither Johann Groh (1575-1627, see IMSLP) nor Heinrich Groh but a romantic; could he be Otto Emmerich? UE has a page with blank biography…
Giovanni Paolo Cima As amusing as the idea of brothers distinguishable only by their middle names is, the dates and information here are inconsistent with New Grove
Giovanni Andrea Cima As amusing as the idea of brothers distinguishable only by their middle names is, New Grove and German WP give only "Andrea Cima"
Claudio Casciolini Veni Creator Spiritus, Sacris solemniis, and Panis angelicus a 4 all appear to be the same music
Dal ciel venne messo novello (Anonymous) AddWorkForm not working; please see query at Help talk:Score submission guide#"Unable to insert into table!" Richard Mix (talk) 21:45, 28 October 2020 (UTC)
Benedictus (Orlando di Lasso) Larger work unidentified
Ave verum corpus (Gregorian chant) apparently not submitted via AddWork form; harmonization is different from CPDL 3335 and presumably Arranged by Steve_Repasky
Congratulamini mihi An eventual split may be desirable. In the meantime, I haven't verified any texts beyond 1st 9 words.
Viri Galilaei There are at least three texts with this incipit to sort out
21 hymn tunes (Caradog Roberts) A list of tunes & meters would be useful
Sharon Rutherford Score pages need to be created for entries below
Peter Gerloff corresponding Score description pages on CPDL need to be created -- Vaarky 06:35, 18 May 2010 (UTC)
Lyle K. Neff a works page needs to be created for Russian Prayer
José Ángel Lamas needs to have score for Popule meus listed properly
Gaude Maria Virgo comparisons to given text still needed in most cases
Gerhard Hafner There is a redlink to a nonexistent work page for Ja - Meine Hoffnung which needs to be created. -- Chucktalk Giffen 13:57, 25 June 2009 (UTC)
Carols for Choirs 1 Existing editions should be searched & linked. Richard Mix 02:42, 1 September 2011 (CDT)
sortable table makes a merge with Carols for Choirs 3, Carols for Choirs 2, and the currently in-print reissue 100 Carols For Choirs seem more useful than 4 separate pages. Richard Mix 02:42, 1 September 2011 (CDT)
Texts of works not yet added 2 unattributed Bach translations
Jesu dulcis memoria It's not yet clear how much of the text is included in most of these settings
Stella quam viderant numerous small differences in almost all
Peccantem me quotidie Unclear what the exact text is for different pieces: Byrd, Gesualdo, Lasso, Mouton & Palestrina for example only go thru line 5.
Otto Olsson Is there a copyright issue, regarding composer date of death?
Miller Rather sparse! Do we even know that Miller is a composer instead of a tune name? See these leads. Richard Mix 18:19, 18 June 2011 (CDT)
Martin Zalba The above linked scores need to be indexed properly. Bobnotts 14:08, 8 February 2007 (PST)
In monte Oliveti can't tell which version of text is used in M. Haydn setting; can't find "C) Verumtamen non sicut ego volo, sed sicut tu vis" anywhere…
Funeral sentences from the BCP No link to BCP; unclear how many 'Dirge anthems' there are in total or what order they go
André Ribeiro work page has to be created yet
Harry Fragson Work's page neeeds to be created
Copyright Issues FAQ No pages link here.
Laurentius Schlemmer addwork form was not submitted, leaving note on user's Talk page 2011-05-02
Gerry Kapoh Works pages need to be created
David Evan Thomas work needs to be submitted to obtain a CPDL number, and workspage needs to be created
About Copyright Reviewing as part of Copyright info consolidation project -- Vaarky 07:18, 16 September 2009 (UTC)
How can I update my previously uploaded edition? this page need to be updated
Printing-Viewing FAQ No pages link here. Is this advice appropriate any more?
Tea-kettos.MUS Composer Franz Lehár died in 1948, but this piece belongs to operetta Das Land des Lächelns which was first performed in 1929. I'm not sure about the copyright status.