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Born: 26 nov 1958


Biography: Martín Zalba initially trained at the Choir “Loyola” in Pamplona. Later he completed advanced studies in piano and composition in Spain and France, becoming a teacher of counterpoint-fugue and composition at the Conservatorio Superior Pablo Sarasate in 1991. As a composer, his works cover many different genres and have been published by music publishers such as Boileau of Barcelona, Alpuerto, Real Musical and Arpista Ludovico of Madrid and Harposphere of Paris.

Concerts exclusively consisting of his creations have been given in Europe and both North America and SouthAmerica, as well as during different festivals, contemporary-music cycles, foundations and philharmonic societies. Part of his chamber output has been recorded for the program Nocturnos on Telecinco, and by Radio Nacional de España. Part of his output (including the Stabat Mater) is featured on two compact discs of his music (Arlu Discos).

The language of Martín Zalba makes use of a very personal and attractive treatment of melody, away from compositional schools and aesthetics, along with an original contrapuntal focus; with both these elements Zalba organizes his poetic sonorous world.

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List of choral works

La Noria 3 v.i.(Text A. Machado, Cantos de Castilla) [1]

6 Proverbs for sopran violoncello & piano.(Text A. Machado, Cantos de Castilla) [2]

Motete Attendite. SATB. Text: Liber usualis. [3]

Seiak Bat (6 basques songs for choir v.i and piano). Popular text. [4]

Stabat Mater 4-6 v.i., organ and harp.Text: Gregorian Hymn [5]

Seven words (Full Orchestra, choir SATB 4-8 voices and baryton) Text: Liber usualis. [6]

O Sacrum Convivium. SATB. Liber usualis. [7]


The star 4 v.i. [8]

The shepherds 4 v.i. [9]



Stabat Mater 4-6 v.i., organ and harp.Text: Gregorian Hymn

Editorial Alpuerto, SA Caños del Peral, 7, 1º dcha., 28013 Madrid Tfno.: 91-547 01 90. Fax: 91-542 51 21. Spain

Buy CD: [10] [11]

La Noria .

Motete Attendite.


The star 4 v.i.

The shepherds 4 v.i.

Edit. Federation choirs of Navarra.[12]

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