Claudin de Sermisy

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Alias: Claudin


Born: about 1490

Died: 13 October 1562

Biography: Claudin's birthdate is inferred from his appointment to the Royal Chapelle in 1508. He travelled to Italy in 1515 and in 1520 took part, under Jean Mouton's direction, in the Field of Gold. the next decade was spent in Rouen and Amiens; by 1532 he was directing the Royal Chapel. In 1533 he settled in Paris and became a canon at Sainte-chapelle, where he is buried. 12 masses, 100 motets. 2 passions and 175 chansons survive.

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List of choral works

Sacred works

Secular works

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  • Nova & prima motettorum editio, liber primus (Paris, 1542)
  • Moduli quatuor, quinque & sex vocum, liber primus (Paris, 1555)
  • Missae tres cum quatuor vocibus (Paris, 1558)

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