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Born: 1510's?

Died: 23 February 1572

Certon's date of birth can only be inferred from an appointment as matins clerk at Notre Dame de Paris on 29 October 1529; on 26 September 1530 he was shown leniency on account of his youth and spared a prison sentence for playing ball outside during Mass. In 1532 he became a clerk at the Ste. Chapelle and held posts there till the end of his life. He is best known for his chansons, which number well over 200 and include a contribution to the musical supplement to Pierre de Ronsard's Amours. Latin music includes 8 masses, 1 Magnificat and a score of motets.

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List of choral works

Sacred works

Secular works

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  • Recens modulorum editio … 24 motettorum, liber secundus (Paris, 1542)
  • Trente et un pseaumes, 4vv (Paris, 1546)
  • Premier livre de [16] chansons, 4vv (Paris, 1552) Gallica.bnf
  • Premier livre de [13] psalmes … reduitz en tabulature de leut par Maistre G. Morlaye (Paris, 1554)
  • Cinquante pseaulmes de David, 4vv (Paris, 1555)
  • Missae tres … 4vv (Paris, 1558)
  • Les meslanges (84 newly printed chansons) (Paris, 1570)

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