Cantate Domino canticum novum

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General information

Source of text: Psalm 97 (Vulgate) :1,4b,5b and Psalm 95 (Vulgate):2a.

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

97:1a  Cantate Domino canticum novum,
95:2a  Cantate et benedicite nomini ejus:
97:1b  Quia mirabilia fecit.
97:4b  Cantate et exultate et psallite
97:5b  in cythara et voce psalmi:
97:1b  Quia mirabilia fecit.

French.png French translation

Chantez au Seigneur un nouveau cantique,
chantez et bénissez son nom,
parce qu’il a fait des prodiges.
Chantez avec joie, chantez sur la harpe
des cantiques au Seigneur.

English.png English translation

98:1a  Sing to the Lord a new song,
96:2a  Sing and give praise to his name:
98:1b  for he has done marvellous deeds.
98:5b  Sing and exult and praise.
98:6b  in songs with the harp and the voice:
98:1b  for he has done marvellous deeds.

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