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(Incomplete 2019-05-12)

Does the publication page already exist?

  • Check if the music publication you wish to add really doesn't exist already. The full list is at Category:Music publications (also found on the main page of CPDL under the heading Browse ChoralWiki).
    • Alternatively, one can also type proposed publication name in the search box and check all the search results to make sure it's not there somewhere.

Naming a new music publication page

  • Please keep music publication pages as short as possible while being accurate and readable. There is no need to include the full title in the page name; the full title can still be shown on the page. Suggestions for publication page names:
  1. Use the first five to eight words of the title, if that is enough to distinguish the new publication from others.
  2. Try to access a facsimile or scan of the original publication (or at least its title page) to get the correct title; or access an authoritative website, such as IMSLP.
  3. Try to use titles in the same way as previous editors, as much as possible.
  4. If there is a clearly defined author-composer-compiler, add that name to the end of the title in parenthesis. The only other use of parenthesis is to distinguish between two publications that otherwise might have the same name. Make sure that all parentheses are matched, for every ( there is a ).
  5. Spell out abbreviations.
  6. Use accents and other language-specific characters if appropriate.
  7. Use punctuation sparingly, especially in the first few words of the title. Limit use of commas and periods-fullstops. Usually an ellipsis ( ) is unnecessary. Avoid the use of brackets ( { } [ ] ), quotation marks of any kind ( " ' „ “ ” ‘ ’ « » ) or other programming symbols (such as | / \ < > * ^ $ @ & # ~ ¦ )
  • Some publication title examples:
Title Better Comments
I dolci frutti primo libro de vaghi et dilettevoli madrigali ... a cinque voci I dolci frutti primo libro de vaghi et dilettevoli madrigali The ellipsis and material following are unnecessary
(as we) Catches (on) upon Millitary Matter (Various) Catches upon Military Matter Starting a title with punctuation causes difficulties for programming and sorting; title variations better discussed in the Description section
Missae variis concentibus ornatae cum cantico beatae Mariae octo modis musicis variato (Orlando di Lasso) Missae variis concentibus ornatae (Orlando di Lasso) Shortened, still distinguishable from any other
Musica quatuor vocum (quae vulgo motecta nuncupatur) liber primus (Adrian Willaert) Musica quatuor vocum liber primus (Adrian Willaert) Text in parenthesis is unnecessary
Praestantissimorum divinae musices … 4–6vv (Orlando di Lasso) Praestantissimorum divinae musices (Orlando di Lasso) No other di Lasso publication starts like this
Modulorum 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 10 vocibus … secundum volumen (Orlando di Lasso) Modulorum 4-10 vocibus secundum volumen (Orlando di Lasso) Too many commas, and the discouraged characters "&" and "…".
Il primo libro di madrigali a 5 voci (Carlo Gesualdo) Not bad, but there already is Madrigali a 5 voci, libro primo (Carlo Gesualdo)

Creating a new publication page

  • If there is a page for the compiler (or composer) of the publication, see if your publication is already listed there. If it is, you may need to correct the title. If it isn't there, add it. When you save the page, the link to the new publication will appear in red; click on it to create the new publication page. There are several possible formats for citing publications. Some examples: A B C D E. See Citation Formats below. Add the publication using one of the link formats:
    • {{NoComp|<publication title>|<author-composer-compiler}} – The best format in general, moderately efficient.
    • {{NoCo|<publication title>}} – Efficient, but only use if the author-composer-compiler is in parenthesis in the page name. May render some summary programs unuseable.
    • [[<publication title> (<author-composer-compiler>)|<publication title>]] – The long format, but often used where there is no author or compiler.
  • If there isn't a page for the compiler (or composer), then just type your new publication name in a search bar (on any CPDL page), being careful to spell it correctly and include the compiler - composer if necessary. Please make sure that you spell the publication name correctly including any accents or other language-specific characters, also with the correct capitalization.
  • Music publication pages may have very different looks, depending on the type of publication, so there is no one template for all purposes. Some sample formats: I II III IV V. You can look for an existing publication that is similar to the style you wish to use, and use its format. Or you can make your own format. Some required elements, shown in wikicode (which is what you enter in edit mode):
  1. ==General Information== – Header 1.
  2. '''Title:''' – The title of the publication, spelled out in full if you wish.
  3. '''Compiler – Composer – Author – Editor:''' – Choose the proper title for the person(s) listed. Use names as shown on the title page (or elsewhere in the publication), but use the form of names used in CPDL (that is, use "Orlando di Lasso", not "Orlande de Lassus"). See lists at Composers and Lyricists. Put each name as a link, [[<name>]]. If the name is new to CPDL (be sure to check the lists and search on the name first!), it will appear in red when you save the page. Later, if you click on the link, a new blank page will appear; type {{subst:new composer}} or {{subst:new lyricist}} on the first line, and save the page. Edit the page again and fill the blanks; see {{New composer}} or {{New lyricist}} for details. Please do not use the template {{Composer}} on publication pages (see discussion here).
  4. {{PubDatePlace|<year>|<publication details>}} – The <year> is usually a four-digit number only, the date of the first known edition. <publication details> is flexible, we recommend citing the name of the publisher and the city where published. Include further editions in the <publication details>.
  5. '''Description:''' – Contents are optional; could include items such as discussion of alternate titles, uncertainty about dates, description of publication contents.
  6. ==External Links== – Here show web links to facsimiles, scans, or references, using the format *[<CompleteWebAddressOfLink> <description>] – note the asterisk before and the space between the url and your description.
  7. [[Category:Music publications]] – Required at the bottom of the page.
  8. {{DEFAULTSORT:{{WorkSorter|<title without article>}}}} – Required if the page name begins with an article adjective, as shown below. But the program sorts imperfectly for Italian and French titles, in those cases you must manually enter the <title without article>; otherwise it's optional.
  • Dutch articles: de het een
  • English articles: the a an
  • French articles: la le l' les un ung une un'
  • German articles: das die der den dem ein eine
  • Italian articles: il la le l' i gli un uno una
  • Portuguese articles: o a os as um uma
  • Spanish articles: el la los las un uno una unos unas
  • Other items for a publication page. These are optional, but often used:
  1. ==References== – Citation of literature relevant to the publication. See Citation Formats below.
  2. ==List of works== – This is a hand-generated list of works included in the publication. This is often done for popular publications, but requires continual maintenance by one or more editors. Examples: one two three.
  3. ==Works at CPDL== – This heading is followed by the Template {{PubList}} or {{MultiPubList}}; these are automatically updated tables showing all the works linked to the publication. {{PubList}} is used when all works have only one publication listed, using the template {{Published}} on all work pages. {{MultiPubList}} is used in the more complex case where some works have more than one publication listed, using the template {{Pub}} on all work pages.