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This template is used to easily place the relevant code for a page for a new composer. It must be substituted as explained below.

{{subst:new composer}}

The page must be saved once the above code has been placed on it. Edit the page once again and the relevant code will be written out in full.

The function {{#SortWorks:}} appears; it ensures that all works by this composer will be listed. Please leave it there, or automate this composer page in some other way; see Help:Automating the work list on composer pages for more information.

Substitute the texts in red with valid information, as indicated below:

  • Image: if you have uploaded an image, uncomment this line (by removing <!-- and -->) and replace text in red with the name of the image file.
  • Aliases: if the composer name has any variants, insert them in the {{Aliases}} template: names should be in the form as in the Composers category (no comma), delimited by the "pipe" symbol (|).
  • Born: remove text in red if birth date/year is unknown.
  • Died: remove text in red if death date/year is unknown; remove the whole line if composer is still alive.
  • Biography: replace the line "add biographical data here" with biographical information; or leave the line blank.
  • External links: add related links (one per line, preceded by an asterisk).
  • DEFAULTSORT: Only change this if strictly necessary; the included code {{DEFAULTSORT:{{NameSorter}}}} will put the last word in the composer's name first, followed by a comma, space and then the other words in the composer name - with diacritical marks removed (for correct sorting). For a name such as "Antonín Dvořák" the result will be equivalent to typing {{DEFAULTSORT:Dvorak, Antonin}}. For a composer whose last name consists of more than one word, such as "Jean de Brébeuf" (last name is "de Brébeuf"), the line should read {{DEFAULTSORT:De Brebeuf, Jean}}. Note additional requirements are that all words be capitalized (as with capitalization of "de" in the previous example), and letters following the initial letter in a word must be in lower-case (example, "Sally DeFord" is sorted as "Deford, Sally"). If you have any doubt, leave this line as it is, and an administrator will correct it later if required. Do not insert something like {{DEFAULTSORT:{{Beethoven}}}} - putting the composer's last name in double curly braces results in the composer being sorted under "{" at the end of the alphabet, not under "B" where it should be.
  • yyyy births: replace "Unknown" with the actual birth year if you know it.
  • yyyy deaths: replace "Unknown" with the actual death year if you know it; remove the whole line if composer is still alive.
  • Era: replace "Era" with one of these: "Medieval/Renaissance/Baroque/Classical/Romantic/Early 20th century/Modern"
  • Nationality: replace "Nationality" with the corresponding one, or by the word "Unknown". A list of currently used nationalities can be found at Composers grouped by nationality.

The source code pasted on the page is located at /Preload

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Inserted text

<!-- [[Image:John_Doe.jpg|thumb|John Doe]] --><!-- image must be uploaded previously -->
{{Aliases|}}<!-- Names in category form, not last name first, delimited by a pipe (|) -->
'''Born:''' dd Month yyyy

'''Died:''' dd Month yyyy


''add biographical data here''


==List of choral works==



*[<url> Description]}}

[[Category:Unknown births]]
[[Category:Unknown deaths]]
[[Category:Era composers]]
[[Category:Nationality composers]]