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Lasso was one of the most prolific composers of the 16th century, and as such published an unusually large number of works, in a large number of languages and genres. Many went through several subsequent editions -- most notably, his first book of 4-voice madrigals went through 14 distinct editions from 1560 to 1592. The tables below list publications where Lasso's works appear.

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Modern editions

Abbreviations used in tables below

  • Location: Ant=Antwerp, Leu=Leuven, Mun=Munich, Nur=Nuremberg, Par=Paris,Rom=Rome, Ven=Venice
  • Genre: Sac=Sacred. Sec=Secular
  • Subgenre: Can=Canticles, Cha=Chansons, Hym=Hymns, Lie=Lieder, Lit=Litanies, Mad=Madrigals, Mor=Morescha, Mot=Motets, Res=Responsories, Vil=Villanelles

Manuscripts containing works by Orlando di Lasso

Index Year Title Genre Subgenre Vo. Comments
0075 ca. 1560 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 22 Sac Can Mot 4-8 26 Sacred Songs – by various composers, including Orlando di Lasso
0517 1575-1595 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 2745 Sac Mot 4 Nine Lamentations - Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 2745
0595 1580 Canticum Zachariae Prophetae Sac Can 9 2 Sacred songs - Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 518
0615 1581 Hymni per totum annum Sac Hym 4-6 A collection of primarily alternatim settings of Office hymns for 4-6 voices. It was not printed, but circulated in Bavaria in mss. copied well into the early 17c.
0695 1582 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 2749 Sac Pas 4 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. ms. 2749
0700 1582 Pro Triduo Sacro in nocturno Sac Res 2-4 Manuscript of Responsories.
0765 1580-1595 (1585) Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 32 Sac Manuscript, 42 Sacred Songs
0909 1580-1600 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 48 Sac Manuscript, 18 Sacred Songs
0917 1580-1592 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Mus. MS 14 Sac Can Manuscript: 26 Sacred songs
0950 1596 Litaniae B. Mariae virginis 5 vocum Sac Lit 5 Manuscript.

Publications containing works by Orlando di Lasso

Index Year Title Loc. Genre Subgenre Vo. Comments
0010 1555 Le quatoirsiesme livre a 4 parties Ant Sac Sec Mad Mot 4 Lasso's first publication, commonly referred to as Opus 1. Contains 12 madrigals and 6 each of villanelles, chansons, and motets. Contents same as 0020.
0020 1555 Il primo libro dove si contengono madrigali, 4vv Ant Sac Sec Mad Mot 4 Contents same as 0010. RISM 1555-29.
0030 1555 Primo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Ven Sec Mad 5
0040 1556 Il primo libro de mottetti a 5 et a 6 voci Ant Sac Sec Mot Mad 5-6 Lasso's first book of motets. Not all are on sacred subjects. Enlarged 2nd edition issued in 1560.
0050 1557 Secondo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Rom Sec Mad 5
0060 1560 Tiers livre des chansons a 4-6 parties Leu Sec Cha 4-6
0070 1560 Il terzo libro delle villotte alla napolitana de diversi Ven Sec Mor 3 Publisher A. Gardano.
0080 1560 Madrigali a 4 voci, libro primo Ven Sec Mad 4 Lasso's first and only book of madrigals for 4 voices.
0090 1560 Liber decimus quintus ecclesiasticarum cantionum Ant Sac Mix 5-6 Second edition of 1556a.
0095 1561 Il terzo libro delle muse a cinque voci Ven Sec Mad 5
0105 1561 Douziesme livre de chansons à quatre et cinq parties Par Sec Cha 4-5
0110 1562 Il terzo libro delle Muse a quattro voci Rom Sec Mad 4 Publisher A. Barré.
0120 1562 Sacrae cantiones quinque vocum Nur Sac Mot 5 Enlarged 2nd edition issued in 1570
0130 1563 Terzo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Rom Sec Mad 5
0132 1563 Liber primus Musarum cum quatuor vocibus sacrarum cantionum Ven Sac Mot 4 A collection of motets by various composers.
0140 1564 Thesaurus Musicus (1564) Nur Sac Sec Mot 4-8 An enormous 5-volume collection of sacred music by various composers, with one volume for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 voices, respectively. Pieces by Lasso appear in each book, for a total of 17 motets. One secular piece (the 8-voice Jam lucis orto sidere)
0150 1564 Primus liber concentuum sacrorum Par Sac Mot 5-6
0160 1564 Premier livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Ant Sec Cha 4-5
0170 1564 Quatriesme livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Leu Sec Sac Cha Mot 4-5
0180 1565 Modulorum 4-10 vocibus secundum volumen Par Sac Mot 4-10
0190 1565 Perornatae sacrae cantiones liber secundus Ven Sac Mot 5-6
0200 1565 Sacrae lectiones novem ex propheta Iob Ven Sac Mot 4
0210 1565 Second livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Par Sec Cha Mad 4-5 Contrary to its name, the majority of this publication is dedicated to Italian madrigals.
0215 1565 Sesieme livre de chansons a quatre et cinc parties Par Sec Cha 4-5
0220 1566 Nouvelles chansons a 4 parties premier livre Sec Cha 4
0230 1566 Liber missarum liber primus 4–6vv Ven Sac Mas 4-6
0240 1566 Sacrae cantiones liber quartus Ven Sac Mot 6-8
0250 1566 Sacrae cantiones liber secundus Ven Sac Mot 5-6
0260 1566 Sacrae cantiones liber tertius Ven Sac Mot 5-6
0270 1567 Magnificat octo tonorum, 4–6vv Nur Sac Mag 4-6
0280 1567 Libro quarto de madrigali a 5 voci Ven Sec Mad 5
0285 1567 Terzo libro del desiderio. Madrigali a quattro voci Ven Sec Mad 4
0290 1567 Neue teütsche Liedlein mit 5 Stimmen Mun Sec Lie 5 Lasso's first book of lieder.
0300 1568 Selectissimae cantiones Nur Sac Mot 4-8 In two volumes.
0305 1569 Novi Thesauri Musici Liber primus Ven Sac Mot 4-8
0310 1569 Liber secundus sacrarum cantionum, 4vv Leu Sac Mot 4
0315 1569 Musica de' virtuosi della florida capella Ven Sec Mad 5
0320 1569 Cantiones aliquot 5 vocum Mun Sac Mot 5
0330 1570 Praestantissimorum divinae musices auctorum missae decem Leu Sac Mas 4-6
0340 1570 Second livre des chansons 4-5vv Leu Sec Mad Cha 4-5
0360 1570 Disieme livre de chansons Par Sec Cha 4
0370 1570 Quinque missae liber secundus Ven Sac Mas 4-5
0380 1570 Viginti quinque sacræ cantiones, 5vv Nur Sac Mot 5 Second enlarged edition of 1562a (0120).
0390 1570 Selectiorum aliquot cantionum sacrarum 6 vocum Mun Sac Sec Mot 6
0400 1570 Mellange d'Orlande de Lassus Par Sec Sac Cha Mot 4-10 A large compilation of Lasso's chansons. Also contains a number of secular motets.
0405 1570 I dolci frutti primo libro de vaghi et dilettevoli madrigali Ven Sec Mad 5 Venice, Girolamo Scotto
0410 1571 Moduli quinis vocibus nunquam hactenus editi Par Sac Mot 5
0420 1571 Livre de chansons nouvelles avec 2 dialogues Leu Par Sec Cha 4-8
0430 1572 Moduli 4-8vv Par Sac Mot 4-8
0440 1572 Der ander Theil teutscher Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Mun Sec Lie 5 Lasso's second book of lieder.
0450 1573 Patrocinium musices cantionem prima pars Mun Sac Mot 4-6
0460 1573 Moduli 6-12vv Par Sac Mot 6-12 Adrian Le Roy and Robert Ballard
0470 1573 Viersprachendruck Mun Sec Sac Lie Mot Cha Mad 4-8 Known as the Four-Language Print. Contains 6 each of motets, lieder, chansons, and madrigals.
0480 1574 Patrocinium musices missae aliquot secunda pars Mun Sac Mas 5
0490 1574 Patrocinium musices officia aliquot tertia pars Mun Sac Mot 5
0500 1575 Patrocinium musices passio quarta pars Mun Sac Pas 4-6
0510 1575 Liber mottetarum 3 vocum Mun Sac Mot 3 Enlarged 2nd edition issued 1577.
0515 1575 Il secondo libro de madrigale a cinque voci Ven Sec Mad 5 Publisher Girolamo Scotto
0520 1576 Le thresor de musique d'Orlande de Lassus Gen Sac Sec Mix 4-6
0530 1576 Patrocinium musices magnificat aliquot quinta pars Mun Sac Mag 4-6
0540 1576 Les meslanges … contenantz plusieurs chansons Par Sec Cha 4-10 Earlier edition 1570, lost; repr. with sacred contrafacta, London 1570.
0550 1576 Der dritte Teil Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Mun Sec Lie 5 Lasso's third book of lieder.
0565 1577 Missae variis concentibus ornatae cum cantico beatae Mariae Par Sac Mas 4-6 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek MS.509
0570 1577 Novae aliquot, ad 2 voces cantiones Mun Sac Mot Hym 2 A book of 24 duets, including 12 textless bicinia. Half are textless, and may have been meant for instruments.
0580 1577 Moduli 4-9vv Par Sac Mot 4-9
0585 1578 Vingtquatrieme livre d’airs et chansons Par Sec Cha 4 Other editions in 1581, 1583, 1585
0589 1579 Selectissimae cantiones Nur Sac Mot 6-10 Enlarged edition of Selectissimae cantiones 1568
0590 1579 Altera pars selectissimarum cantionum Nur Sac Mot 4-5 Enlarged edition of Selectissimae cantiones 1568
0592 1579 Corona di madrigali a sei voci libro primo Ven Sec Mad 6 Published by Girolamo Scotto
0600 1581 Missae variis concentibus ornatae cum cantico beatae Mariae Sac Mas
0610 1581 Vingtquatrieme livre d’airs et chansons 1581 Par Sec Vil 4-8 Second edition.
0620 1581 Liber missarum 4-5vv Nur Sac Mas 4-5
0630 1581 Libro de villanelle, moresche et altre canzoni Par Sec Mad Vil 4-8
0640 1582 Etliche auserlesne kürtze gute geistliche und weltliche Liedlein Mun Sac Sec Cha Lie 4 A book of pre-existing chansons re-set to German texts.
0650 1582 Missa ad imitationem moduli Quand'io penso al martire Par Sac Mas 4
0660 1582 Fasciculi aliquot sacrarum cantionum Nur Sac Mot 4-8
0670 1582 Sacrae cantiones … 5 vocum Mun Sac Mot 5 Not to be confused with Lasso's previous set of four Sacrae cantiones publications.
0680 1582 Mottetta, 6 vocum, typis nondum uspiam excusa Mun Sac Mot 6
0690 1582 Lectiones sacrae novem Mun Sac Mot 4
0720 1583 Teutsche Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Sec Lie 5 Lasso's first three books of lieder combined.
0725 1583 Harmoniae miscellae cantionum sacrarum Nur Sac Mot 5-6 Edited by Leonhard Lechner.
0730 1583 Neue teutsche Lieder, geistlich und weltlich mit 4 Stimmen Mun Sac Mot 4 Lasso's fourth book of lieder.
0735 1583 Musica divina di 19 autori illustri Ant Sec Mad 4-7 Collection of four-, five-, six-, and seven-part Italian madrigals. Editor Pietro Phalasio, publishers Pietro Phalasio and Giovanni Bellero
0740 1584 Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales Mun Sac Mot 2-6 A setting of the Penitential Psalms of David.
0750 1584 Continuation du mellange Par Sec Mad Cha 3-10
0760 1585 Sdegnosi Ardori. Musica di diversi auttori Mun Sec Mad 5 Compiled by Giulio Gigli, Published by Adam Berg
0770 1585 Sacrae cantiones … 4 vocum Mun Sac Mot 4 Not to be confused with Lasso's previous set of four Sacrae cantiones publications.
0780 1585 Cantica sacra sex et octo vocibus Mun Sac Mot 6-8
0790 1585 Hieremiæ prophetæ lamentationes, et aliæ piæ cantiones Mun Sac Mot 5 Contains Lasso's 5-voice setting of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in addition to several other motets. Lamentationes Hieremiae Prophetae (quatuor vocum) is a 4-voice setting of the same text]] also exists in manuscript form.
0800 1585 Madrigali novamente compositi a 5 voci Nur Sec Mad 5
0805 1586 Octo cantica modis tonorum octo quaternisque vocibus distincta Par Sac Mot 8-10 Publishers Adrian le Roy and Robert Ballard
0810 1587 Missa ad imitationem moduli Beatus qui intelligit Par Sac Mas 6
0820 1587 Missa ad imitationem moduli Locutus sum Par Sac Mas 6
0825 1587 Vingtquatrieme livre d’airs et chansons 1587 Par Sec 4-8 Fourth edition.
0830 1587 Patrocinium musices: Beatisimæ deiparæque Virginis Mariæ Mun Sac Mag 4-6
0840 1587 Madrigali a 4-6 voci novamente composti Nur Sec Mad 4-6 Effectively Lasso's last book of madrigals, his seventh in total.
0850 1588 Teutsche Psalmen: geistliche Psalmen mit 3 Stimmen Mun Sac Mot 3 A book of 3-voice German Psalms.
0860 1588 Missae liber primus 4-5vv Mil Sac Mas 4-5
0870 1588 Tertium opus musicum, continens lectiones Hiob et motectas Nur Sac Mot 4-6
0880 1588 Moduli quator et octo vocum Par Sac Mot 4-8
0890 1588 Moduli quinque vocum Par Sac Mot 5
0900 1589 Patrocinium musices missae aliquot 1589 Mun Sac Mas 5
0910 1590 Neue teutsche und etliche frantzösische Gesäng Mun Sac Sec Lie Mot 6 Lasso's last book of lieder, which also included some French chansons.
0915 1590 Corollarium cantionum sacrarum de festis praecipuis anni Nur Sac Mot 5-8 Publ. Catharine Gerlach
0920 1594 Cantiones sacrae 6 vocum Gra Sac Sec Mot 6 Lasso's last book of motets.
0930 1595 Musica nuova dove si contengono madrigali sonnetti stanze canzoni villanelle et altri compositioni Mun Sec Mad Cha Vil 3 Lost.
0940 1595 Lagrime di San Pietro Mun Sac Mad 7 Lasso's final work, completed just before his death in 1595.
0955 1596 Thesaurus litaniarum Mun Sac Lit 4-9 edited by Georg Victorinus, published by Adam Berg
0960 1597 Cantiones 5 vocum ab Orlando di Lasso et huius filio Ferdinando Mun Sac Mot 5 A joint publication with works by both Orlando di Lasso and his son Ferdinand di Lasso.
0970 1600 Prophetiae Sibyllarum Mun Sac Mot 4 A collection of unusually chromatic motets set to various prophecies of twelve of the Grecian Sibyls, published several years after Lasso's death. According to the date written on an autograph manuscript, they were likely composed sometime before 1560.
0975 1600 Il bon bacio Ven Sec Mad Italian Madrigals compiled by Gaetano Gaspari. Published by Angelo Gardano.
0980 1601 Cantiones sacrae 6 vocibus Mun Sac Mot 6 Another joint publication between Orlando and his son Ferdinand.
0990 1602 Liber primus cantiones sacrae Magnificat vocant, 5, 6vv Par Sac Mot 5-6
1000 1604 Magnum opus musicum Mun Sac Mot 2-12 An enormous posthumous publication consisting of 516 of Lasso's collected motets, a large portion of his sacred output.
1010 1607 Missa ad imitationem moduli Dixit Joseph, 6vv Par Sac Mas 6
1020 1607 Missa ad imitationem moduli Or sus à coup, 4vv Ant Sac Mas 4
1030 1610 Missae posthumae, 6, 8vv Mun Sac Mas 8 Published by Nicolai Henrici
1040 1619 Iubilus beatæ virginis hoc est centum Magnificat Mun Sac Mag 4-10

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