Due rose fresche

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General information

Lyricist: Francesco Petrarca

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Text and translations

Italian.png Italian text

Due rose fresche e colte in paradiso
l'altro ieri nascend’il di primo di Maggio
Bel dono e d'un amante antico e saggio.
Tra due minori egualmente diviso

Con si dolce parlar e con un riso
Da far innamorar un uomo selvaggio
Di sfavillante ed amoroso raggio
E l’un e l’altro fe’ cangiare il viso.

"Non vede un simil par d’amanti il Sole."
Dicea, ridendo e sospirando insieme
E stringendo ambedue, volgeasi attorno.

Cosí partia le rose e le parole;
Ond’el cor lasso ancor s’allegra e teme:
O felice eloquenza! O lieto giorno!

Canzoniere 245
English.png English translation

Two fresh roses, gathered in paradise,
just now, that opened on the first of May,
a lovely gift, divided, by an older, wiser lover
between two young lovers, equally,

with such sweet speech and with a smile
that would make even a savage being love,
made each of them change their aspect
with its sparkling and amorous rays.
Translation by Anthony S. Kline ©

"The sun does not behold another such pair of lovers"
he said, at once laughing and sighing,
pressing both to him and turning toward each.

Thus he shared out roses and words
which enliven and cause to tremble even a weary heart:
O happy eloquence! O glad day!

Translation by Richard Mix

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