Selectissimorum triciniorum (Berg and Neuber)

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General information

Title: Selectissimorum triciniorum
Voices: 3.

Publication date and place: c.1560 in Nuremberg by Johann vom Berg and Ulrich Neuber.
Description: A collection of fifty works for three voices in Latin, Italian, French, and German by French, Flemish, and German composers of the first half of the sixteenth century. Most of the works published here were published twenty years earlier by Johannes Petreius in Trium vocum cantiones (1541).



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List of works

1. In Domino confido (Anonymous)
2. Pater a nullo factus (Sampson)
3. Ach Gott, wie lang (Benedictus Ducis)
4. Aus tiefer not (Benedictus Ducis)
5. Ich glaub' und darum rede ich (Benedictus Ducis)
6. Quem tremunt impia tartara (Heinrich Isaac)
7. Tristitia vestra (Heinrich Isaac)
8. Quae est ista (Anonymous)
9. So ich bedenck (Anonymous)
10. Was sol ich machen (Anonymous)
11. Die brünlein die da fliessen (Heinrich Isaac)
12. Tota pulchra es (Anonymous)
13. Beati omnes qui timent Dominum (Anonymous)
14. Effunde iram tuam (Jean Conseil)
15. Illumina oculos meos (Anonymous)
16. Si bona suscepimus (Andreas de Silva)
17. Oime patientia (Rupert Unterholzer)
18. Sol occasum nesciens (Heinrich Isaac)
19. An wasserflüssen Babylon (Benedictus Ducis)
20. Al mein mut (Heinrich Isaac)
21. Sia maledett' amore (Jhan Gero)
22. Tanta beltad' e in voi (Jhan Gero)
23. Non fia giamai (Jhan Gero)
24. Sio havesse tant' ardire (Jhan Gero)
25. Sia benedett' amore (Jhan Gero)
26. Je ne fais rien (Clément Janequin)
27. Quando Madonna (Jhan Gero)
28. Per ampla strada (Jhan Gero)
29. Se'l dolce sdegn'e (Jhan Gero)
30. Vostre beaulté (Jacotin)
31. Perot viendras tu (Adrian Willaert)
32. As tu point veu (Adrian Willaert)
33. O felice pensier (Jhan Gero)
34. Ha che voi piu (Jhan Gero)
35. Madonna, preg'il ciel (Jhan Gero)
36. Baisez moy tant (Adrian Willaert)
37. Navez point veu (Jean Richafort)
38. Privo di quel che gran tempo (Jhan Gero)
39. Madonna, io v'amo (Jhan Gero)
40. Vignon, vignon, vignon, vignette (Claudin de Sermisy) - attributed here to Clément Janequin
41. Amy souffre que je vous ayme (Anonymous)
42. Ily trop ayme (Anonymous)
43. Ces facheur sotz (Anonymous)
44. Adieu mes amours (Anonymous)
45. Si par souffrir (Anonymous)
46. Amour vault trop (Anonymous)
47. Jamais n'aym'ray masson (Anonymous)
48. N'aymes jamais ces gens de court (Anonymous)
49. Et dont venez vous (Pierre Moulu)
50. Le gran desir d'aymer (Jean Mouton)

Works at CPDL

Title Composer No. Year Subgenre Language Voices
Ach Gott, wie lang Benedictus Ducis 3 1541 Motets Latin SAT
Al mein mut Heinrich Isaac 20 1538 Chansons German ATB
An wasserflüssen Babylon a 3v Benedictus Ducis 19 1541 Motets Latin SST
As tu point veu Adrian Willaert 32 1536 Chansons French STT
Aus tiefer not a 3v Benedictus Ducis 4 1541 Motets German STT
Baisez-moi tant tant (II) Adrian Willaert 36 1536 Chansons French AAT,TTT
Die brünlein die da fliessen Heinrich Isaac 11 1538 Chansons German STB
Effunde iram tuam Jean Conseil 14 1540 Motets Latin TTB
Et dont venez vous Pierre Moulu 49 1536 Chansons French TTB
Ha che voi piu Jhan Gero 34 1541 Madrigals Italian TTT
Ich glaub' und darum rede ich a 3v Benedictus Ducis 5 1541 Motets German STT
Je ne fais rien Clément Janequin 26 1541 Chansons French TTB
Madonna, io v'amo Jhan Gero 39 1541 Madrigals Italian ATB
Madonna, preg'il ciel Jhan Gero 35 1541 Madrigals Italian AAT
Navez point veu Jean Richafort 37 1536 Chansons French TTB
Non fia giamai Jhan Gero 23 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
O felice pensier Jhan Gero 33 1541 Madrigals Italian ATB
Oime patientia Rupert Unterholtzer 17 1541 Motets Italian STT
Pater a nullo factus Sampson I 2 1538 Motets Latin TTB
Per ampla strada Jhan Gero 28 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
Perot viendras tu Adrian Willaert 31 1536 Chansons French TTB
Privo di quel che gran tempo Jhan Gero 38 1541 Madrigals Italian ATB
Quae est ista Anonymous 8 1540 Motets Latin STT
Quando Madonna Jhan Gero 27 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
Quem tremunt impia tartara Heinrich Isaac 6 1541 Motets Latin SST
Se'l dolce sdegn'e Jhan Gero 29 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
Si bona suscepimus Andreas de Silva 16 1541 Motets Latin ATB
Sia benedett' amore Jhan Gero 25 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
Sia maledett' amore Jhan Gero 21 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
Sio havesse tant' ardire Jhan Gero 24 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
So ich bedenck Anonymous 9 1541 Chansons German SSS
Sol occasum nesciens Heinrich Isaac 18 1541 Motets Latin SAT, ATB
Tanta beltad' e in voi Jhan Gero 22 1541 Madrigals Italian TTB
Tota pulchra es (1541) Anonymous 12 1541 Motets Latin STB
Tristitia vestra Heinrich Isaac 7 1538 Motets Latin STT
Vignon, vignon, vignon, vignette Claudin de Sermisy 40 1535 Chansons French SST,AAB
Vostre beaulté Jacotin 30 1536 Chansons French TTB