Jean Richafort

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Aliases: Jean Richauffort; Jean Rycefort; Jean Ricartsvorde; Joannis Ricartvorde


Born: c. 1480

Died: after 1550

Biography Richafort began his career in Mechelin in 1507 but seems to have had ties to Hainault or Liege; he joined the French royal court and traveled extensively, working at Bologna in 1517. before settling in Bruges. Pierre de Ronsard is the source for his having been a student of Josquin, to whom his Requiem is dedicated. A Joachim Richafort, employed by Queen Mary of Hungary from 1532 to 1543 and settled in Bruges by 1546 has caused some confusion; Jean was employed at St Gilles in Bruges 1543-4 and 1548-50.

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With one posthumous exception Richafort's work was printed in anthologies.

  • Joannis Richafort modulorum quatuor quinque & sex vocum, liber primus (1556, Le Roy & Ballard)

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