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Nobuaki Izawa, 10 July 2011

Aliases: 伊澤 信昭, IZAWA Nobuaki (This is a Japanese name; the surname is Izawa.)


Born: 11 March 1972, Tokyo, Japan


Nobuaki Izawa (伊澤 信昭, IZAWA Nobuaki) is a Japanese composer, based in Tokyo, Japan. Currently he is a member of Coro Verde (since 1991). He was the student conductor of Hosei University Academy Chorus (1993-94). He earned a B.A.(Law) from Hosei University (1995) and a B.A. in Literature from Waseda University (1997).
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Contact Information

Request from the composer: He respectfully requests that choirs performing his compositions please notify him of performances. He would like to hear responses.

E-mail: aloha_vodka At sign.png

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List of choral works

Original works

Latin.png Sacred music, in Latin, SATB a cappella

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Japanese.png in Japanese

  • 法政大学の歌 (Songs of Hosei University)
  • 若き日の誇り (Wakaki hi no hokori), SATB
  • 青春の烽火 (Seishun no noroshi), SATB
  • オレンジの園に (Orange no sono ni), SATB
  • 暁の勇者 (Akatsuki no yūsha), SATB
  • 若き獅子 (Wakaki shishi), SATB
  • 名大いなれ法政 (Na ōinare Hosei), SATB
  • 風鳴るや(法政大学応援歌) (Kaze naru ya), SATB
  • 歩みくれば御社 (Ayumi kure ba miyashiro), SATB
  • スポーツ法政 (Sports Hosei), SATB
  • 未来圏から吹く風 (Miraiken kara fuku kaze), SATB
  • 離陸の歌 (Ririku no uta), SATB
  • 法政大学学生自治の歌 (Hosei daigaku gakusei jichi no uta), SATB
  • レッツ・ゴー法政 (Let's go Hosei), SATB
  • 勝利の讃歌 (Shōri no sanka), SATB & Pf
  • ファンファーレ (Fanfare), Voice & Pf
  • チャンス法政 (Chance Hosei), SATB & Pf
  • 法政大学工業学校校歌(Hosei daigaku kougyougakkou kouka), SATB


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