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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==

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Aliases: Loys or Loïs Bourgeoy, Bourgeoys, Bourgoys, or Bourjois


Born: 1510's?

Died: after 1559? and by 1561


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Bourgeois' first chansons were printed in Lyons in 1539. In 1545 he was choirmaster at St Pierre and St Gervais in Geneva, Despite support from Calvin, his revisions of the psalter tunes embroiled him in controversies and he was dismissed in 1552, moving to Lyons. His daughter was baptized in Paris in 1560.

List of choral works

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  • [50] Pseaulmes de David … à voix de contrepoinct égal consonante au verbe, 4vv (Lyons, 1547)
    • revised as Pseaulmes LXXXIII de David, 4vv (Lyons, 1554)
  • Le premier livre des [24] pseaulmes … en diversité de musique, 4vv (Lyons, 1547)
  • Quatre-vingt-trois psaulmes de David … dont le basse contre tient le sujet, 4–6, 8vv (lost; Paris, 1561)

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