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Greetings, thanks and praise

Mr. Fraser,

I want to thank you for your efforts to bring Byrd to CPDL. I very much like the layout of the works you have posted thus far. While I am not a musician per se, I am in my parish choir and will be utilizing your editions to try to introduce some polyphony to my choir director. He is rather keen on 'older' works, but sometimes convincing others in the choir is difficult.

Thanks again for your efforts. Keep up the good work. Also, I have a thing for Tallis but I noticed that the listings for Tallis on CPDL are not as comprehensive as one might like. Any suggestions where one can find more?


John Waddell Muncie, IN USA


Thanks for the message and the kind comments. As far as I know, our Tallis collection on CPDL is more comprehensive than any other site's; Tallis's problem, of course, is that (with the exception of the Cantiones of 1575, in which I've now indexed his contributions), hardly any of his music was published. Also unlike Byrd, he hasn't yet benefitted from the publication of a modern Complete Works.

On my to-do list are all the motets from the Cantiones - the missing ones include several masterpieces, notably In jejunio et fletu. I don't know yet when I'll get a chance to start on them.

To start your introduction of polyphony to your choir, might I recommend a piece of almost pure homophony: Emendemus in melius - a Lenten text which will have seasonal relevance before long. If that doesn't convince your fellow singers, nothing will!