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Born: 6 March 1799, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Died: 13 September 1895

Biography Samuel Wakefield was the son of Thomas Wakefield and Elizabeth Morton. When Samuel was a baby, the family moved to a farm near Bolivar, Indiana County. In 1813 he enlisted as a drummer-boy in the War of 1812. He was licensed as a local preacher in Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania, serving in the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1834 to his retirement in 1880. He wrote a book of systematic theology, and was a widely respected teacher of theology.

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List of choral works

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  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1828. Wakefield's Sacred Music.
  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1832. The Christian's harp: Containing a choice selection of psalm and hymn tunes, suited to the various meters now in use among the different religious denominations in the United States: Designed for the use of public and family worship. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Johnston and Stockton. Later edition in 1837. Reprinted in 2016.
  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1835. The American repository of sacred music, containing a great variety of psalm and hymn tunes, original and selected; together with a plain introduction to the rudiments of music. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Cook and Schroyer.
  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1843. The western harp: Containing a collection of sacred music, original and selected, and adapted to the use of worshiping assemblies in general, together with a concise introduction to the art of singing. Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania: Author. Later editions in 1846, 1848, and 1855.
  • Hunter, William, and Samuel Wakefield. 1845. The Minstrel of Zion: a book of religious songs, accompanied with appropriate music, chiefly original. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Sorin and Ball. Later editions in 1846, 1849, 1850, and 1854. Reprinted 2016.
  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1848. English grammar, or, A systematic exposition of the constructive principles of the English language: Designed for the use of common schools, academies, and private learners. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: John B. Kennedy.
  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1858. Deutsches Choralbuch: eine Sammlung von deutschen und englischen Kirchenmelodien, nebst einer Anweisung zur erlernung der Vokalmusik. Cincinnati, Ohio: Swormstedt and Poe.
  • Wakefield, Samuel. 1862. Complete System of Christian Theology, or, A Concise, Comprehensive, and Systematic View of the Evidences, Doctrines, Morals and Institutions of Christianity. New York, New York: Carlton and Potter. Later editions in 1869 and 1873, reprinted 1985.


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