Request:Mass in G minor (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

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Title: Mass in G minor

Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams

Date of request: 2003-06-09

Status: Requested

Requested by: Matt Neugebauer

Additional notes: I think it's a cappella, but if there's an organ part, than that would be good too

(Editor: It is a cappella; it was published in 1922, and it is only public domain in a few countries, since Vaughan Williams died in 1958. Works by Vaughan Williams are therefore still protected by copyright in most countries. It will enter the Public Domain in the UK in 2033 and in the US in 2058.)

Editor2: In the US life+70 applies to works published since 1978 and the Mass has been PD since 2018.Richard Mix (talk) 21:26, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

There are two widely-available editions of this work, published by Faber and by Curwen, neither of which is expensive.

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