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Aliases: Garret Wellesley; Garrett Wellesley; Garret Wesley; Garrett Wesley – Titles include First Viscount Wellesley of Dangan, Second Baron Mornington, and the First Earl of Mornington (created in 1760). Lord Mornington is the favoured appellation in the glee collections in which he appears, and also in B.U.C.E.M.


Born: 9 July 1735

Died: 22 May 1781

Biography Lord Mornington was a remarkable child musician who grew into a man of genuine musical learning, who later became Professor of Music at Trinity College, Dublin. His lasting fame as a composer comes from his glees. Like his more famous son, the Duke of Wellington, he was a man of cool courage, for he is reputed to have been the first member of the British aristocracy who dared to walk through the London streets openly and unashamedly carrying a violin case (Oxford Companion to Music, 1938).

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