Henry Walford Davies

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Henry Walford Davies

Alias: Walford Davies


Born: 1869

Died: 11 March 1941


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List of choral works


  • And Jesus entered into the temple
  • God created man for incorruption
  • Grace to you and peace
  • If any man hath not the spirit of Christ
  • Let us now praise famous men
  • Litany of the Holy Spirit
  • Out of the deep
  • Requiem aeternam
  • The blessed birth
  • The holly and the ivy
  • The walk to Emmaus
  • These sweeter far
  • What sweeter music
  • Whatsoever is born of God
  • When Christ was born

Anglican Chants


  • Christ in the universe
  • Everyman
  • Fantasy
  • Five sayings of Jesus
  • Heaven's gate
  • Lift up your hearts
  • High heaven's King
  • Men and angels
  • Noble numbers
  • Ode on time
  • Song of St. Francis
  • The temple
  • Hervé Riel
  • The three jovial huntsmen




  • Auctor Vitae
  • Childhood
  • Hampstead
  • Maclure
  • Oswald’s Tree
  • Pentatone
  • Temple

Secular works

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