Henry Walford Davies

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Henry Walford Davies

Alias: Walford Davies


Born: 1869

Died: 11 March 1941


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List of choral works


  • And Jesus entered into the temple
  • God created man for incorruption
  • Grace to you and peace
  • If any man hath not the spirit of Christ
  • Let us now praise famous men
  • Litany of the Holy Spirit
  • Out of the deep
  • Requiem aeternam
  • The blessed birth
  • The holly and the ivy
  • The walk to Emmaus
  • These sweeter far
  • What sweeter music
  • Whatsoever is born of God
  • When Christ was born

Anglican Chants


  • Christ in the universe
  • Everyman
  • Fantasy
  • Five sayings of Jesus
  • Heaven's gate
  • Lift up your hearts
  • High heaven's King
  • Men and angels
  • Noble numbers
  • Ode on time
  • Song of St. Francis
  • The temple
  • Hervé Riel
  • The three jovial huntsmen




  • Auctor Vitae
  • Childhood
  • Hampstead
  • Maclure
  • Oswald’s Tree
  • Pentatone
  • Temple

Secular works


  • Eight Nursery Rhymes [Set 1] Op. 19a
  1. Willie Winkie
  2. Lullaby
  3. Valentine
  4. Hunting of the Snail
  5. T’other little tune
  6. Thomas and Annis
  7. If all the seas were one sea
  8. The white Paternoster
  • Eight Nursery Rhymes [Set 2] Op. 23
  1. The Apology
  2. The Old Woman
  3. A Tragedy
  4. A Little Old Man
  5. The Fly and the Humble Bee
  6. Bless You
  7. An Old Cradle Song
  8. O my little sixpence

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