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Born: 21 January 1848

Died: 12 February 1933

Biography Eugène Marie Henri Fouques Duparc was a French composer of the late Romantic period.

Duparc was born in Paris. He studied piano with César Franck at the Jesuit College in the Vaugirard district and became one of his first composition pupils. In 1871, he joined with Saint-Saëns and Romain Bussine to found the Société Nationale de Musique Moderne.

Duparc is best known for his seventeen songs with texts by poets such as Baudelaire, Gautier, Leconte de Lisle, and Goethe. These pieces are considered by many to be among the greatest compositions by any composer in this form.

A mental illness, called "neurasthenia", caused him to abruptly cease composing at age 37, in 1885. He devoted himself to his family and his other passions, drawing and painting. He destroyed most of his music, leaving fewer than 40 works to posterity.

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List of vocal works

composed Title First line Poet
1868, circa Chanson triste Dans ton cœur dort un clair de lune Jean Lahor Op. 2, no. 4; orchestrated 1912
1869 Le galop Agite, bon cheval, ta crinière Sully Prudhomme Op. 2, no. 5 Released in 1948.
1869 Romance de Mignon Le connais-tu, ce radieux pays Victor Wilder,
after Goethe's «Kennst du das Land»
Op. 2, no. 3
1869 Sérénade Si j'étais, ô mon amoureuse Gabriel Marc Op. 2, no. 2
1869 Soupir Ne jamais la voir ni l’entendre Sully Prudhomme Op. 2, no. 1., revised 1902
1869-70 Au pays où se fait la guerre Original title: Absence,
from opera Roussalka
Théophile Gautier Definitive version, 1911–13. orchestrated 1876
1870 L'Invitation au voyage Mon enfant, ma soeur Charles Baudelaire Released in 1872. Voice & piano (orchestrated 1892–95)
1871 La fuite Au firmament sans étoile Théophile Gautier duo pour soprano et ténor avec piano, Op. 2, no. 6.
1871 La vague et la cloche Une fois, terrassé par un puissant breuvage François Coppée Released in 1873. Voice & piano (Orchestrated)
1872-82 Phidylé L'herbe set molle au sommeil Leconte de Lisle Released in 1889 Voice & piano (orchestrated, 1891–92)
1874 Elégie Oh! ne murmure pas son nom (Duparc's wife Ellen MacSwinny?)
after Thomas Moore's
"Oh! Breathe not his name"
1874 Extase Sur un lys pâle Jean Lahor Released 1882. Revised 1884.
1879 Le Manoir de Rosemonde De sa dent soudaine et vorace Robert de Bonnières orchestrated 1912)
1880 Sérénade florentine Etoile dont la beauté luit Jean Lahor Released 1882.
1882 Benedicat vobis Dominus Psalm 134/CXXXIII Motet for three mixed voices and organ (or piano)
1883 Lamento Connaissez-vous la blanche tombe Théophile Gautier Voice & piano
1883 Testament Pour que la vent te les apporte Paul-Armand Silvestre Released in 1898, orchestrated 1900–02
1884 La vie antérieure J'ai longtemps habité Charles Baudelaire orchestrated 1911–13)

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