Giovan Nasco

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Aliases: Nasco, Giovanni; Nasco, Jan


Born: 1520

Died: 1561

Biography Jan Nasco was a Franco-Flemish composer, mainly active in Italy. He was a progressive composer in most of the genres current in mid-century Italy, including masses, passion settings, Lamentations, motets, and especially madrigals.

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List of choral works

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  • Lamentationi a voce pari, 4vv, (Venice: 1561)


  • Madrigali a cinque voci, (Venice: 1548)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali a quatro voci, (Venice: 1555)
  • Le canzon et madrigali a sei voci, (Venice, 1557)
  • Il segondo libro d'i madrigali a cinque voci, (Venice: 1557)
  • Il primo libro di canzon villanesche alla Napolitana a quatro voci, (Venice: 1558)

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