Gierolamo Lambardi

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Born: before 1586

Died: after 1623


Italian Priest and Composer active between 1586 and 1623 (these dates actually are the printing years of the earliest and last known prints of his music). The place and date of birth of Girolamo Lambardi are unknown as are most of the details of his life. Almost all the information comes either from frontispieces to prints or manuscripts containing his music and from a dedication to him in a print containing music of another composer.

According to the frontispieces of several printed and manuscript collections of his music, Girolamo Lambardi was a Regular Canon of the Congregationis Sancti Spiritus of Venice and it seems probable that he spent most of his adult life in this position.

A dedicatory foreword in a collection of Magnificat settings by Giovanni Croce printed in 1605 shows that Lambardi at least in that year was the General of that order. Croce in this dedication also states that Lambardi in his youth had been a Student of Gioseffo Zarlino. This together with Lambardi's friendship with Croce has led to speculations that Gierolamo Lambardi could have been a native of Chioggia as were both Croce and Zarlino. but there is, so far, no other evidence supporting this.

R. Eitner States in Biographisch-Bibliographisches Quellen - Lexikon der Musiker und Musikgelehrten bd.6. 1902. pag. 22. that there also is a mention in an Italian manuscriptcollection of Lanbardis music in Kgl. Bibl. zu Berlin that Lambardi had been a student of G. Palestrina. In Catalogo della biblioteca del Liceo musicale di Bologna: compilato da Gaetano Gaspari, compiuto e pubblicato da Federico Parisini per cura del municipio, Biblioteca musicale "G.B. Martini" di Bologna, Gaetano Gaspari Libreria Romagnoli dall'Acqua, 1892 pag. 247 also states similar evidence in Italian manuscripts where Lambardi is mentioned as a pupil of Palestrina.

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  • Sacra cantica B. Mariae Virginus 4v., 1586
  • Psalmi ad tertiam, una cum Missa 8v., 1594
  • Antiphonarium vespertinum dierum festorum totius anni, 2 Tle., 1597
  • Antiphonae omnes juxta ritum romani brevarii, ebd. 1600
  • Missae 4v., 1601
  • Psalmodia vespertina omnium solemnitatum 8v., lib. 2, 1605
  • Vespertina omnium solemnitatum 6v., 1612
  • Vespertina omnium solemnitatum totius anni psalmodia […] cum duobus canticis Beatae Mariae Virginis 3 und 5v., 1613
  • Psalmodia ad Vespertinas 5v., 1613
  • Contrapunta in introitus missarum 4v., 1617
  • Vespertina omnium Psalmodia 3v., 1623

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