Fuggi, O mio core

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General information

Lyricist: Giovanni Battista Guarini

Settings by composers

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Texts and Translations

Italian.png Italian text

Fuggi, O mio core
non vedi la man bella
che congiurata coi begl'occhi anch'ella
per farti prigionier vien ti a ferire,
ma lasso ecco un sospir nunzio infelice,
ch'esce del petto e dice
che più giova il fuggire,
egli è già preso, egli convien morire.

French.png French translation

Fuis, ô mon coeur,
ne regarde pas la belle main,
qui conspire avec de beaux yeux
et elle aussi, qui
pour te faire prisonnier
vient te meurtrir,
mais hélas, voilà un soupir signe de malheur
qui sort de ma poitrine et dit
il convient mieux de fuir,
il est déjà pris, il s'en va mourir.

English.png English translation

Flee, O my heart,
Do not look at the beautiful hand,
which conspires with her beautiful eyes
To make you a prisoner
And comes to wound you.
But alas, here is a sigh, an unhappy announcement
from of my breast, saying
It is better to flee,
But he who is already captured,
goes away only to die.

Translation by James Gibb

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