Francesco Guami

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Alias: Francesco da Lucca


Born: 10 Febr 1543 Lucca

Died: 30 Jan 1602 Lucca

Biography Brother of Gioseffo Guami. Like him, he spent some years (1568 - 1580) at the court of the duke of Bavaria when Orlando di Lasso was maestro di capella. Later he worked in Baden-Baden, Venice and Udine.

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List of choral works


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  • Ricercari a due voci (Venice: Gardano, 1588) – instrumental
  • Il primo libro de madrigali a quattro et cinque voci, con due a otto (Venice: Gardano, 1588)
  • Il secondo libro de madrigali a 4. 5. et 6. voci con un dialogo a otto (Venice: Gardano, 1593)
  • Il terzo libro de madrigali a 4. & 5 voci, con un dialogo a 10 (Venice: Gardano, 1598)

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