Gioseffo Guami

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Aliases: Gioseppo da Lucca; Gioseffo da Lucca


Born: 27 January 1542, Lucca

Died: 1611


Italian composer, instrumentalist, and singer. Brother of Francesco Guami. Student of Adriano Willaert. Teacher of Adriano Banchieri. Famed as one of the finest Italian organists of his time.

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List of choral works

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  • Sacrae cantiones, liber primus, 5–10vv, (Venice, 1585)
  • Lamentationes Hieremiae prophetae, 6vv, (Venice, 1588)
  • Sacrarum cantionum variis, liber alter (Milan, 1608)


  • Il primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1565)

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