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Aliases: Gerarde [Gerard, Gerardus, Gerrarde], Derrick [Deryck, Derick, Dethick, Dyricke, Theodoricus]


Flourished: c.1540–80

Derrick Gerarde was a Flemish composer resident in England. He was associated with Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel (d 1580), and Arundel’s son-in-law and heir John, Lord Lumley (d 1609), but it is not known whether he was employed by either as a musician. His music comes to us in 6 sets of partbooks owned by them, with only two other pieces found in other sources. He was apparently unknown in his own time. He remains unknown, because his music has nothing to do stylistically with English music and resembles more closely contemporary Flemish music, which is also unexplored. His work has been the subject of three dissertations: D. Epps: The Life and Work of Deryck Gerarde (Edinburgh U., 1964), C.W. Warren: The Music of Derick Gerarde (Ohio State U., 1966) and Anthony Milledge: The music of Dyricke Gerarde (U. of Durham, 2001).

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