Christian Erbach

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Born: c.1568-73

Died: Summer 1635

Biography The range of years for Erbach's possible birth (near Mainz) comes from conflicting documents stating his age. He appears to have tied to the Fuggers of Augsburg some years before succeeding Hans Leo Hassler at St Moritz in 1602. His son, also named Christian, wrote 2 motets.

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List of choral works

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  • Modi sacri sive cantus musici, ad ecclesiae catholicae usum, 4–10vv … liber primus (Augsburg, 1600)
    • Mele sive cantiones sacrae ad modum canzonette ut vocant, 4–6vv (Augsburg, 1603, 1 partbook lost)
  • Modorum sacrorum sive cantionum, 4–9vv … Lib. secundus (Augsburg, 1603–4)
    • Modorum sacrorum tripertitorum, 5vv … pars prima … pars altera … pars tertia (Dillingen, 1604-1606, all missing 1 partbook)
    • Sacrarum cantionum, 4–5vv … liber tertius (Augsburg, 1611, 3 partbooks lost)
    • Acht underschiedtliche geistliche teutsche Lieder, 4vv (Augsburg, n.d., 1 partbook lost)

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