Hans Leo Hassler

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Aliases: Joanne Leone Haslero; Giouanne Leone Hasler


Born: c. 25 October 1564 (date of baptism)

Died: 8 June 1612

Brother of Jakob Hassler and Caspar Hassler.

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List of choral works

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Sacred works

Sacred works in German

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A total of 9, of which the 8 numbered masses appeared in Missae (1599, edited in DdT 7)

  1. Missa super Dixit Maria 4vv
  2. Missa Secunda (sine nomine) 4vv
  3. Missa tertia (sine nomine) 4vv
  4. Missa Verba mea 5vv
  5. Missa super Ecce quam bonum 5vv
  6. Missa Come fuggir 6vv
  7. Missa Quem in colo 6vv
  8. Missa Octava 8vv
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Sacred works in Italian

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