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Hello all,

On March 10th, I announced that there were over 500 texts/translations available on CPDL. Since then over 100 have been added! Special thanks goes to Brian Russell for working hard on this. To see the complete list, please click on the Texts & translation link on the left hand menu. Here is a reminder on how to add Texts using templates.

In the future, ALL sheet music pages will have one of three lines below the original text and translations heading near the bottom of the page. They are

  • {{NoText}}: (outputs Text and translations need to be added)
  • {{LinkText|Latin}}: (outputs 'Please refer to the Latin page for texts and translations')
  • {{Text|English}}: (outputs English.png English' and creates category entries for the Texts and English Texts)

Any language can be added (not just Latin or English). Additionally, there will be a line if a translation exists OR if a translation is requested.

  • {{NoTranslation|German}}: (used if you wish to request a translation in German or any other language)
  • {{Translation|English}}: (used if English translation is written for a non-English work)

If you feel comfortable adding texts or translations, please jump in. If you are uncomfortable with editing web pages, just email the text or translation to me, and I will post it. Due to the central importance of the psalter in choral music, we are also beginning an effort to make all Psalm texts available in multiple languages. Thanks!

Best regards,

Rafael Ornes
Manager, CPDL