Cantiones selectissimae liber primus (Sigmund Salminger)

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General information

Title: Cantiones selectissimae liber primus

Full Title: Cantiones selectissimae. Quatuor vocum. Ab eximiis et praestatibus Caesareae maiestatis capellae musicis. M. Cornelio Cane. Thoma Crequilone. Nicolao Payen. & Johanne Lestainnier Organista, Compositae, & in Comitiis Augustanis studio & impensis SIGISMUNDI SALMINGERI in lucem aeditae. LIBER PRIMUS.

Composers: Cornelius Canis, Thomas Crecquillon, Nicolas Payen, & Jean Lestainnier

Editor-Compiler: Sigmund Salminger

Publication date and place: 1548 in Augsburg by Philipp Ulhart.

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Motets. Language: Latin, 4 voices.

Description: A collection of motets for four voices by members of the Imperial chapel, including Cornelius Canis, Thomas Crecquillon, Nicolas Payen, and organist Jean Lestainnier. This book was followed a year later by Cantiones selectissimae liber secundus, which primarily contained works by Jacobus Clemens non Papa.

Facsimile: Bavarian State Library

List of works

1. Clama ne cesses (Cornelius Canis)
2. Domine da nobis auxilium (Cornelius Canis)
3. Veni ad liberandum nos (Cornelius Canis)
4. Angeli archangeli throni dominationes (Cornelius Canis)
5. Tota vita peregrinamur homines (Cornelius Canis)
6. Servus tuus ego sum (Thomas Crecquillon)
7. Surge illuminare Jherusalem (Thomas Crecquillon)
8. Virgo gloriosa semper (Thomas Crecquillon)
9. Domine Pater et Deus vitae meae (Thomas Crecquillon)
10. Justum deduxit Dominus (Thomas Crecquillon)
11. Virgo prudentissima (Nicolas Payen)
12. Convertimini ad me in toto corde (Nicolas Payen)
13. Domine Deus salutis (Nicolas Payen)
14. Domine demonstrasti mihi (Nicolas Payen)
15. Confitemur delicta nostra (Nicolas Payen)
16. Domine Deus omnipotens (Jean Lestainnier)
17. Heu me Domine quia peccavi nimis (Jean Lestainnier)

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer No. Subgenre Voices
Confitemur delicta nostra 1548 Nicolas Payen 15 Motets SATB
Convertimini ad me in toto corde 1548 Nicolas Payen 12 Motets STTB
Virgo prudentissima 1539 Nicolas Payen 11 Motets ATTB


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