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The Caius Choirbook is an illuminated choirbook dating from around 1520 by Edward Hygons, and containing music by Tudor-period composers. It is believed to have been copied by the same scribe who copied the Lambeth Choirbook. It is one of very few English choirbooks to survive the early Tudor period (see also the Eton Choirbook).

The Caius Choirbook is in large folio format, which allows a choir of quite some size to gather around the book and all read from it. The different voice parts are divided over two facing pages. It is now housed at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

The Caius Choirbook contains works by Robert Fayrfax and Nicholas Ludford, who account for most of the works in this collection. The book also includes a work by William Cornysh. There is also a Magnificat by Edmund Turges believed to be different from the three lost Magnificats by Turges which were listed in the Eton Choirbook. Other composers include Henry Prentyce (also known as Prentes), and a Mass by William Pashe.

Publication date and place: 1520 by Edward Hygons. – Manuscript


Fol. Work Movement Composer Comments
1 2–5 Missa O bone Jesu Gloria I Robert Fayrfax
2 6–9 Missa O bone Jesu Credo I Robert Fayrfax
3 10–11 Missa O bone Jesu Credo II Robert Fayrfax
4 12–13 Missa O bone Jesu Benedictus I Robert Fayrfax
5 14–17 Missa O bone Jesu Agnus dei I Robert Fayrfax
6 18–21 Missa Christi virgo dilectissima Gloria II Nicholas Ludford
7 22–25 Missa Christi virgo dilectissima Credo II Nicholas Ludford
8 26–27 Missa Christi virgo dilectissima Sanctus II Nicholas Ludford
9 28–29 Missa Christi virgo dilectissima Benedictus II Nicholas Ludford
10 30–31 Missa Christi virgo dilectissima Agnus dei II Nicholas Ludford
11 32–35 Missa Videte miraculum Gloria III Nicholas Ludford
12 36–39 Missa Videte miraculum Credo III Nicholas Ludford
13 40–41 Missa Videte miraculum Sanctus III Nicholas Ludford
14 42–43 Missa Videte miraculum Benedictus III Nicholas Ludford
15 44–47 Missa Videte miraculum Agnus dei III Nicholas Ludford
16 48–51 Missa Benedicta et venerabilis Gloria IV Nicholas Ludford
17 52–55 Missa Benedicta et venerabilis Credo IV Nicholas Ludford
18 56–57 Missa Benedicta et venerabilis Sanctus IV Nicholas Ludford
19 58–59 Missa Benedicta et venerabilis Benedictus IV Nicholas Ludford
20 60–63 Missa Benedicta et venerabilis Agnus dei IV Nicholas Ludford
21 64–67 Missa Regali ex progenie Gloria II Robert Fayrfax
22 68–71 Missa Regali ex progenie Credo III Robert Fayrfax
23 72–73 Missa Regali ex progenie Sanctus I Robert Fayrfax
24 74–75 Missa Regali ex progenie Benedictus II Robert Fayrfax
25 76–79 Missa Regali ex progenie Agnus dei II Robert Fayrfax
26 80–83 Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum Gloria I Nicholas Ludford
27 84–87 Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum Credo I Nicholas Ludford
28 88–89 Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum Sanctus I Nicholas Ludford
29 90–91 Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum Benedictus I Nicholas Ludford
30 92–95 Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum Agnus dei I Nicholas Ludford
31 96–99 Missa O quam glorifica Gloria III Robert Fayrfax
32 100–103 Missa O quam glorifica Credo IV Robert Fayrfax
33 104–105 Missa O quam glorifica Sanctus II Robert Fayrfax
34 106–107 Missa O quam glorifica Benedictus III Robert Fayrfax
35 108–111 Missa O quam glorifica Agnus dei III Robert Fayrfax
36 112–117 Magnificat octavi toni Et exultavit William Cornysh K.710
37 118–121 Magnificat regale Robert Fayrfax
38 122–129 Magnificat septimi toni Et exultavit Edmund Turges K.1114
39 130–135 Magnificat octavi toni Et exultavit Henry Prentyce
40 136–141 Magnificat benedicta et venerabilis Nicholas Ludford
41 142–145 Missa Tecum principium Gloria IV Robert Fayrfax
42 146–149 Missa Tecum principium Credo V Robert Fayrfax
43 150–151 Missa Tecum principium Sanctus III Robert Fayrfax
44 152–153 Missa Tecum principium Benedictus IV Robert Fayrfax
45 154–157 Missa Tecum principium Agnus dei IV Robert Fayrfax
46 158–161 Missa Christus resurgens Gloria William Pashe
47 162–165 Missa Christus resurgens Credo William Pashe
48 166–167 Missa Christus resurgens Sanctus William Pashe
49 168–169 Missa Christus resurgens Benedictus William Pashe
50 170–173 Missa Christus resurgens Agnus William Pashe
51 174–177 Missa Albanus Gloria V Robert Fayrfax
52 178–181 Missa Albanus Credo VI Robert Fayrfax
53 182–183 Missa Albanus Sanctus IV Robert Fayrfax
54 184–185 Missa Albanus Benedictus V Robert Fayrfax
55 186–189 Missa Albanus Agnus dei V Robert Fayrfax

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Genre Subgenre Year Vo. Voices
Magnificat William Cornysh Sacred Evening Canticles 1520 5 SATBB
Magnificat benedicta et venerabilis Nicholas Ludford Sacred Evening Canticles 1520 6 SATBBB
Magnificat regale Robert Fayrfax Sacred Evening Canticles 1520 5 SATTB
Missa Albanus Robert Fayrfax Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTB
Missa Benedicta et venerabilis es Nicholas Ludford Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTBB
Missa Christi virgo dilectissima Nicholas Ludford Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTB
Missa Christus resurgens William Pashe Sacred Masses 1520 5 SAATB
Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum Nicholas Ludford Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTB
Missa O bone Jesu Robert Fayrfax Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTB
Missa O quam glorifica Robert Fayrfax Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTB
Missa Regali ex progenie Robert Fayrfax Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATTB
Missa Tecum principium Robert Fayrfax Sacred Masses 1520 5 SATBB
Missa Videte miraculum Nicholas Ludford Sacred Masses 1520 6 SSATTB

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