Tribularer si nescirem

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Tribularer, si nescirem misericordias tuas, Domine.
Tu dixisti: nolo mortem peccatoris:
sed ut magis convertatur et vivat.
Qui Cananaeam et publicanum vocasti ad poenitentiam.

Secundum multitudinem dolorum meorum in corde meo.
Consolationes tuae laetificaverunt animam meam.
Qui Cananaeam et publicanum vocasti ad poenitentiam.

English.png English translation

I would be troubled were I ignorant of your compassion, Lord.
You have said: I do not wish the death of the sinner,
but that he might turn from his wickedness and live.

You who called the Canaanite woman and the publican to repentance,
[do to me] according to the multitude of sorrows in my heart.
Your comforts delight my soul.

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