Peter Philips

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Aliases: Phillips, Phillipps, Petrus Philippus, Petro Philippi


Born: 1561 (based on residence permit dated 4 August 1597, which gives his age as 36)

Died: 1628 (noted in an acquaintance's diary)


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List of choral works

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Peter Philips (this is the only known engraving of the composer)


  • Melodia Olympica (1591, reissued 1594 and 1611. Anthology edited by PP, with 4 of his compositions)
  • Primo Libro de Madrigali a sei voci (1596)
  • 1598:madrigals for eight voices published.
  • 1603: madrigals for six voices published.
  • Cantiones sacrae quinis vocibus for five voices (1612, Phalèse)
  • Cantiones sacrae octonis vocibus (1613)
  • Gemmulae sacrae Binis et Ternis Vocibus cum Basso Continuo Organum (1613)
  • 1615: 3 Trios (without instrumentation) in L'Institution Harmonique by Salomon De Caus, Frankfurt
  • 1616: Les Rossignols spirituels published, two and four-part arrangements of popular songs adapted to sacred texts in Latin and French.
  • Deliciae sacrae binis et ternis vocibus cum basso continuo organum (1616)
  • Litaniae Beatae Mariae Virginis (Antwerp, 1623, surviving in incomplete partbooks)
  • Paradisus sacris cantionibus consitus, una, duabus et tribus vocibus decantantis (1628)

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