Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger

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Aliases: Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger; Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger


Born: c. 1580, ?Venice

Died: 17 January 1651, Rome


Kapsberger was a Venetian virtuoso performer and composer of the early Baroque period. He was mainly active in Rome, where his works were published. A prolific and highly original composer, he is chiefly remembered today for his lute, theorbo and chitarrone music, which was seminal in the development of these as solo instruments.

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List of choral works

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  • Libro primo de madrigali a cinque voci (Rome, 1609)
  • Libro primo di villanelle (Rome, 1610)
  • Libro primo di mottetti passeggiati (Rome, 1612)
  • Libro primo di arie passeggiate (Rome, 1612)
  • Libro secondo di villanelle (Rome, 1619)
  • Libro terzo di villanelle (Rome, 1619)
  • Libro secondo d'arie (Rome, 1623)
  • Libro quarto di villanelle (Rome, 1623)
  • Poematia et carmina composita a Maffaeo Barberino (Rome, 1624)
  • Cantiones sacrae musicis modulis aptatae volumen primum (Rome, 1628)
  • I pastori di Bettelemme nella nascita di N. S. Giesu Christo (Rome, 1630)
  • Modulatus sacri diminutis voculis concinnati volumen secundum (Rome, 1630)
  • Missa Urbanae musicis modulis aptatae volumen primum (Rome, 1631)
  • Litaniae Deiparae Virginis (Rome, 1631)

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