Frederic Woodman Root

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Born: 13 June 1846

Died: 08 November 1916


Frederic Woodman Root was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of the famous teacher and composer George Frederick Root. He studied music with his father, and with B. C. Blodgett, William Mason, James Flint, Robert Goldbeck, Luigi Vannuccini, and Carlo Bassini. At age 24, he took a study tour of Europe. He became a well-respected teacher of vocal music, conductor, writer, lecturer, organist and composer. He held musical institutes and taught at normals throughout the Northern states with many contemporaries including Thomas Martin Towne and Philip P. Bliss. After the great Chicago fire destroyed the publishing firm Root & Cady, he became a partner in the new firm “The Root & Sons Music Company.” He died in Chicago, Illinois. He composed a cantata, six entertainments, songs, and music for use in singing and piano lessons. He wrote articles and essays, was editor of the periodical “Song Messenger”, and wrote instruction books.

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