Dies est laetitiae

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General information

Motet for Christmas Day.

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Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Noë, Noë.
Dies est laetitiae
in ortu regali,
nam processit hodie
De ventre virginali
puer admirabilis,
totus delectabilis
in humanitate,
qui inaestimabilis
est et ineffabilis
in divinitate.
Noë, Noë.

German.png German translation

Noë, Noë.
Es ist ein Tag der Freude
über eine königliche Geburt,
denn heute ging hervor
aus jungfräulichem Schoß
der wunderbare Knabe,
ganz ergötzlich
in [seiner] Menschheit,
der unschätzbar
ist und unaussprechlich
in [seiner] Gottheit.
Noë, Noë.

English.png English translation

Noël, Noël.
This is the joyful day,
the royal dawn,
For today comes forth
Out of the womb of a maiden
A wonderful boy,
wholly delightful
in his humanity,
who is priceless
and ineffable
in his divinity.
Noël, Noël.

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