Da pacem, Domine

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Votive antiphon for peace. It is also the opening of the introit for Pentecost XVIII/OT 24; see Da pacem Domine (Introit).

See also Luther's German version, Verleih uns Frieden.

Musical settings at CPDL

The Missa Da pacem attributed to Josquin uses the chant as a cantus firmus, as does Pierre de Manchicourt's Sustinuimus pacem (SAATTB using the 1st phrase only in quintus). Firminus Caron's contrafactum Da pacem Domine-Accoeuille m’a la belle uses a very loosely related text.

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris
Quia non est alius
Qui pugnet pro nobis
Nisi tu Deus noster.

English.png English translation

Give peace in our time, O Lord
Because there is none other
that fighteth for us
But only thou, O God.
Book of Common Prayer, 1549 onwards

Another version

Give peace, O Lord, in our days;
for there is none other
who fights for us,
but thee, our God.
Translation by St Ann choir (misuse of "Thee" for "Thou"

Esperanto.png Esperanto translation

Donu la pacon, Sinjoro, en niaj tagoj,
ĉar estas neniu alia,
kiu batalus por ni,
krom Vi, ho nia Dio.

French.png French translation

Donne nous la paix Seigneur en ce jour
Car il n'y a personne d'autre que Toi notre Dieu
Qui combatte pour nous
si ce n'est toi notre Dieu.

German.png German translation

Gib Frieden, Herr, in unseren Tagen
Denn es ist kein anderer
Der für uns kämpfen würde
Wenn nicht du, unser Gott.

Another version

Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich,
Herr Gott, zu unsern Zeiten.
Es ist doch ja kein andrer nicht,
der für uns könnte streiten,
denn du, unser Gott, alleine.
Translation by Martin Luther

Polish.png Polish translation

Daj pokój, Panie, w naszych dniach,
ponieważ nie ma innego,
kto by walczył o nas,
jak tylko Ty, Boże nasz.
Translation by ks. Zbigniew Stępniak

Russian.png Russian translation

Дай, Господи, мир во дни наши,
Ибо нет другого,
Кто сразится за нас,
Кроме Тебя, Бога нашего.

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