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Born: 1505

Died: 1572


Christopher Tye, was born in the City of Westminster, and commenced a Batchelor in Music at Cambridge in 1537. He took his Degree of Doctor there in 1545, and was admitted in the same Year, a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal. In 1548, he was also complimented with the last mentioned Degree, at Oxford. He was possessed of great Skill both in the theoretical and praxtical Branches of his Profession. The Acts of the Apostles were translated by him into English Verse, and adapted to Sounds: He published them in 1553, with a Dedication to King Edward the Sixth (from Cathedral Music, Volume 2 (William Boyce)).

Tye was at the very cutting edge of the Protestant reformation in England under Edward VI, and his aim was to supplant Latin settings with those in the vernacular (a musical parallel to the liturgy of Cranmer).

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Sacred works in Latin

Sacred works in English

The Actes of the Apostles (1553)

  1. In the foremer treatyse
  2. When that the fyftye daye was come
  3. Peter and John they toke their way
  4. When that the people taught they had
  5. A certayne man who was named
  6. In those dayes as the nombre playne
  7. Then sayde the chefe priest Is it so?
  8. The death of Steven dyd Saule comfort
  9. Saule breathing out threatnyngs abrode
  10. Then was there one Cornelius
  11. The apostles and brethren were glad
  12. And in that tyme Herode the Kyng
  13. At Antioche there dyd remayne
  14. It chaunced in Iconium


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