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Born: 1955

Died: 2002


Sharon Rutherford wrote more than 50 songs/poems. Many are little treasures of beauty. While some of her songs give us a glimpse of the struggles and pain in her life, what her songs really speak of is Sharon’s very personal relation with God.  Not very many people ever come to such a deep understanding of God’s infinite grace and acceptance. Only a few of those also have the gifts of poetry and music to express that miracle in such a way that through them it can touch other people’s hearts. Sharon's true legacy is not in things material but in her treasury of songs.  These are the Songs of Sharon. 

View the Wikipedia article on Sharon Rutherford.

List of choral works

> = The complete original music is available, transcribed from home-made recordings and arranged by Geert Cuypers.
>> = Original lyrics and chord notations are available.
>>> = Music written by other composers to Sharon's lyrics.
For the moment only external links to the website where those songs are hosted. The song files will be uploaded to CPDL later.

Songs of Praise
> A Father's Heart.
> A Higher Place.
> Did You Mean It, Lord?
> A Light Divine.
> If Love Never Hurts.
> I'll never give up.
> Just One Touch.
> Looking Everywhere.
> Praise Be.
> The Worm Song
> There You Were.
>> I Praise You, Father
>> I Will enter His Gates
>> I'll Quiet you in My Love
>> Jesus. Lifting up His Hands
>> Nov 13, 1991 - 17 years
>> Peace, Sweet Peace
>> Take My Hand
>> Take My Wayward Heart
>> You Want to Save Me Pain
>>> Halleluiah, Praise the Lord (music: Geert Cuypers)

Songs of Teaching
> A Grain of Wheat.
> Call to Me.
> Come Out from among them
> Come walk on the Water
> Freely Give.
> His Own Special People.
> Little Country Church.
> Throwaway Children.
> You are My Body.
>> Another Lap around the Desert
>> Kings & Samuel
>> Daniel
>> Don't throw away any more time
>> Forbid not the little children
>> My thoughts
>> The Fisherman
>> War
>> Who are you trying to please

>>> Only to He who Overcomes (music: Geert Cuypers)
>>> Judas will always be Judas (music: Geert Cuypers)
>>> My thoughts are not your thoughts (music: Stephen McManus)
>>> Father (music: Stephen McManus)
>>> Trust in me (music: Stephen McManus)
>>> Steadfast (music: Stephen McManus)
>>> Won't you love me for who I am? (music: Stephen McManus)

Songs of loss, love and victory
> I asked God for a Friend.
>> Adrift
>> Where would I be without you? 
>> I Don't know if you can really understand
>> When part of your soul isn't there anymore
>> The Goodbye Song
>> Fragments
>> The Puppy Love Song
>> I've been Away too long
>> A Celebration of the Soul

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