Hei mihi, Domine

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Source of lyrics: Responsory for the 5th lesson in the Matins of the Dead.

Settings by composers


Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Heu[Hei] mihi, Domine, quia peccavi nimis in vita mea:
quid faciam miser, ubi fugiam, nisi ad te, Deus meus?


Miserere mei, dum veneris
in novissimo die.

Variant 1

Miserere mei, et salva me.


Anima mea turbata est valde:
sed tu Domine succurre ei.

English.png English translation

Alas, Lord, I have sinned greatly in the course of my life:
What should I, poor wretch, do? In whom should I find refuge if not in you, my God?


Have mercy on me when Thou shalt come
at the the last judgment.

Variant 1

Have mercy upon me and save me.


My soul is greatly troubled;
intercede for me, o Lord!

Portuguese.png Portuguese translation

Ai de mim, Senhor,
pois pequei excessivamente em minha vida:
Miserável que sou! Que farei, para onde fugirei,
senão para diante de Ti, ó meu Deus?


Tem misericórdia de mim, quando vieres
no último dos dias.


Minh'alma está muitíssimo conturbada:
mas socorre-me, Senhor!

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