Chandos Anthems (George Frideric Handel)

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The Chandos Anthems are eleven works performed by George Frideric Handel while at Cannons in the employ of the Duke of Chandos, 1717-1719. Chrysander's G. F. Händels Werke refers to "Chandos Anthems" while using Psalmen on the title page; the Hallische Händel-Ausgabe (Bärenreiter, 1981-95) titles them Anthems for Cannons. Nevertheless many were either revisions of earlier works or were significantly revised at later dates.

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  1. "O be joyful in the Lord" (Jubilate) HWV 246
  2. "In the Lord put I my trust", HWV 247
  3. "Have mercy upon me", HWV 248
  4. "O come, let us sing unto the Lord", HWV 249a & 249b (heavily revised from 1713 version)
  5. "I will magnify thee", HWV 250a-b (2 movements added 1724)
  6. "As pants the hart", HWV 251a-e respectively 1713, 1718, 1722 for orchestra, 1722 for bc, 1738
  7. "My song shall be alway", HWV 252 partly derived from Te Deum in D, HWV 280
  8. "O come, let us sing unto the Lord", HWV 253
  9. "O praise the Lord with one consent" HWV 254 (ST ANNE)
  10. "The Lord is my light" HWV 255
  11. "Let God arise" HWV 256a-b rev. 1726