Angelus Domini (Offertory)

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General information

Offertory at Mass on Easter Monday and Low Sunday.
Text based on Matthew 28:2-6. See also the similar Angelus Domini locutus est and the responsory Angelus Domini descendit.

Settings by composers

In Latin, unless otherwise indicated.

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Angelus Domini descendit de coelo et dixit mulieribus:
quem quaeritis, surrexit sicut dixit, alleluja.

Italian.png Italian translation

L'Angelo del Signore discese dal cielo e disse alle donne:
Colui che cercate è risorto, come ha detto, alleluia!.

Portuguese.png Portuguese translation

O anjo do Senhor desceu dos céus e disse às mulheres:
Aquele que vós procurais ressuscitou, como promoteu, Aleluia!

English.png English translation

The angel of the Lord descended from heaven and said to the women,
Whom are you seeking? He has risen, as he said. Alleluia.

Spanish.png Spanish translation

El ángel del Señor bajó del cielo y dijo a las mujeres:
el que buscáis, resucito, según predijo. Alleluia.

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