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The Second Sunday of Easter, also known as Low Sunday and Quasimodo Sunday, from the introit. The Liber Usualis calls this Dominica in Albis, in octava Paschae. Eastern churches call this day Thomas Sunday. Since 2000 Catholics have observed The Feast of the Divine Mercy on this day.

The Gospel (John 20) and propers were both unchanged by the Second Vatican Council. The Epistle in the pre-Vatican II lectionary (1 John 5) contains the passage Tres sunt qui testimonium dant, etc., the text of the Victoria motet below.

Proper Liber usualis Graduale Romanum (1974)
Introit: Quasimodo geniti
First Alleluia verse: In die resurrectionis
Second Alleluia verse: Post dies octo
Offertory: Angelus Domini
Communion: Mitte manum tuam

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