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Born: 1949


Born and raised in the Southwestern United States, went through public school with graduation from high school in the late 60's. Studied music performance and music education and went into the military (Army) during the Vietnam War, then back to college studying music education. Taught high school band in both the Southwest and Northwest in multiple schools. Achieved a masters degree in Music Composition with an emphasis on music education. Played bass trombone professionally in multiple organizations in the Southwest and Northwest United States. While living in the Northwest got sucked into the technology fields and ended up working in computer networks and computer security.

Moved back to the Southwest United States and returned to my first love - music, performing instrumentally and vocally and composing. I am now working on new compositions and have been commissioned to set all Psalms to more contemporary classical music. I am writing for a variety of musical styles and accompaniments.

My wish is to have anyone who wants to perform any of the compositions to have full access to the music. All compositions include score and full instrumentation and if you email me, I will send parts for all instrumentation in PDF format. My only request is you message me and let me know who is performing the composition and that if the performance is for profit, that 1% of the profit go to help the needy and homeless.

William Ellison

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List of choral works

Listed by Psalm number
  • 1. The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked
  • 2. The Reign of the Lord's Anointed
  • 3. Save me, O my God
  • 4. Answer me when I call
  • 5. A Prayer for Guidance
  • 6. O Lord, Deliver My Life
  • 7. In You Do I Take Refuge
  • 8. How Majestic Is Your Name
  • 9. Confitebor tibi - I will give praise to thee (Part 1)
  • 10. Confitebor tibi - I will give praise to thee (Part 2)

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