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General Information

I like sight-singing Renaissance motets, as well as singing pretty much any other music.

Contact Information

For ordinary topics related to CPDL, the best way to request assistance is via the CPDL forums, where multiple site admins and other knowledgeable users can see it and respond. The forums are a separate area and require that users have or create a separate login ID and password (it does not automatically recognize login/password combinations from the CPDL wiki).

To contact me personally, you can send me e-mail (available to registered users only).

If You're in the SF Bay Area

I organize occasional get-togethers for 4-8 singers to do advanced Ren motet sight-singing for fun. These are aimed at singers who can read a Renaissance motet correctly on the first try (alone on their part) without sounding like they're searching for the notes or getting lost; occasional fleeting errors are only human. We generally sing each piece only once. Singers are usually at the pseudo-professional or professional level. Each date is a separate one-time commitment.

Please e-mail me via the e-mail link above and tell me about your sight-singing experience/interests if you'd like to find out more.

Favorite Pieces/Composers of Late

  • William Mundy: esp. everything in the Latin Antiphons and Psalms book (ed. Frank Llewellyn Harrison) -- available via
  • Rasar, Missa Christe Jesu
  • Kellyk, Gaude Flore Virginali
  • Regis, Lux Solempsis
  • Senfl Ave Maria (SSATTB) and Mater Digna
  • White, Portio Mea
  • Lambe, Nesciens Mater and most Eton Choirbook stuff
  • Manchicourt
  • Sheppard
  • Cardoso, Aquam and also Et Egressus
  • Palestrina, Improperium Expectavit
  • Josquin, Tulerunt Dominum
  • Tallis, Loquebantur
  • Compere, Gaude Mater
  • Ashewell, M. Ave Maria
  • Finck, Quorum Praecepto Subditur
  • Willaert, Inviolata
  • Victoria, Vadam et Circuibo