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General information

Country of origin: United Kingdom, currently resident in the Netherlands

Contributor since: 2012-06-18

Works with editions by this editor: 50 (see list)

Contact information

e-mail: peter At sign.png

Twitter: @PeterHilton


Peter is an amateur musician who sings with a new vocal quintet in Delft, The Netherlands, and previously sang with Cappella Gabrieli and Het Retorisch Kwartet in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Professionally, Peter works a software product manager. For more information, see Peter’s personal web site.

Peter’s vision is for open-source scores to become the norm for rehearsal and performance of renaissance choral music, in the same way that open-source software is the norm in many areas of software development, commercial and otherwise. Peter has made a start with open-source source code on GitHub for his editions, in Lilypond format.